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When Entering Dragon's Roost
Hey, Euden.
We've a nice clear sky today. Perfect weather for flying.
Stay awhile and unwind.

After Receiving a Gift
Here. A little thank-you, from me to you.
I'd feel bad being the only one getting gifts, so please take this.

After Bond Level Increase
I trust you, Euden.
We're good friends by now.

Idle After Bond Level 1
I don't want you dying on me. If things get rough out there, be sure to take my form.
It's been years since I lived among humans. It really takes me back.
Taking up arms to fight for peace is noble work, and you're a good man for doing as much.

Idle After Bond Level 10
Nothing feels better than flying. Ah, how I pity the wingless.
When one is up in the sky, it's easy to forget about all the fighting down below—even though you shouldn't.
You're something special, my friend. I see much of Alberius in you.

Idle After Bond Level 20
Go on, Euden! Shapeshift. Let us take to the skies!
You remind me of an old friend...
It must be hard being a royal with all of its concerns and worries. I don't envy you.

Dragon Story Episodes
The Sky Dreamer

One fine summer day, a boy met a

young dragon. They were too little

to care about the issues which

divided their races, and soon

became fast friends.

But the carefree days they spent

together were not meant to last.

Soon, the boy's family had to move

to the capital for his father's work.

On their final day together,

the dragon let the boy ride on

his back and flew them into the sky.

The boy gasped at the sights he saw

on his way to the heavens, and

began to curse his human form.

"If only I had wings," he thought, "I

could see such wonders for myself!"

"I know! I will find magical wings of

my own, and use them to soar

across the skies as I please!"

With this decided, the dragon and

boy parted, but swore to meet again.

Mages ridiculed the idea of wings

for humans, but the boy was not

discouraged. He devoted himself to

studying magic and struggled

toward his dream one step at a time.

Soon there was no one left who

laughed at him—instead, all around

him now eagerly followed his

research of human wings for their

own selfish purposes.

But the boy's gaze was skyward,

and in his determination to realize his

dream, he failed to realize the reality

of what was happening.

The boy, now a young man, was on

the verge of realizing his childhood

dream of flight. The skies the dragon

had shown him were finally within


One of his patrons, the count of a

distant land, commanded him to

present his research to the public,

for he wished to sell human wings

to nobility as tools of war.

While troubled, the young man did as

he was told. Nobility gathered in the

count's gardens to see what his

invention could do. There before

them, he donned the wings and flew.

A dragon's roar echoed from the

distant peaks. The others cowered,

but the young man felt nostalgia grip

his heart—for it sounded just like his

boyhood friend.

"Dragons would never get involved in

petty human conflict," he thought

suddenly. "I didn't just want to fly—

I wanted to be like them! To be free!"

He rounded one of the castle spires,

waved, and soared off to the horizon.

Bound to the earth as they were,

not one of the onlookers could do

anything to stop him.

Future engineers claimed to have

found many issues in the schematics

for his wings that would have made

his flight end in disaster—though

most do not believe that part.

He had transformed into a true

dragon—and perhaps even now

soars in some far-away sky along

with his dear friend of old.