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On Sortied
I'll show you what the Aegis are capable of.
On Entering a Room
Behold, my skill with a spear!
When Quest Begins
We're all ready, yes?
Response to Beginning of a Quest
I'll be right beside you.
Of course.
When Controlling Character in Quest
I will fulfill my duty!
When Receiving a Heal
My thanks.
I appreciate it.
When Entering a Boss' Room
The end begins now!
I will never lose!
Response to Entering a Boss' Room
Right! Let's go!
Yes! Onwards to victory!
Upon Getting to Low Health
This is nothing!
A mere flesh wound!
Upon Opening a Chest
I do enjoy a bit of treasure now and then.
Treasure for the taking.
Boss on Low Health
Victory is at hand!
The final blow is mine alone!
Boss Enters Break State
Now! Attack!
Don't let this chance slip through our fingers!
Rare Enemy Spawns
What an unusual enemy! How fortunate for us.
Now that's a rare one...
Upon Death
Take care of the dragons for me...
D-damn... And with my work still unfinished...
Player Uses Damaging Skill
That was a spectacular display.
Oh my! Splendid!
When Shape Shifting is Ready
Feel the dragon's roar!
I hear the dragon's call!
Shape Shifting into Dragon
Dragon, lend me your strength!
Idle During Quest
Shall we? ...No? Nothing?
Perhaps we ought to resume our advance.
Quest Clear
That was nothing!
Quest Failure
But I've sworn to protect them...
Home Screen Walking
Fydon and Felyx are doing well.
Young dragons are unruly creatures.
I should put Fydon and Felyx to bed.
I think I need some exercise.
I should start getting dinner ready.
Ugh. My spear is filthy! Where is that polish...?
Home Screen Inside
My duty is to protect dragons. That will never change so long as I draw breath.
The spearmanship of my tribe was developed to protect dragons. I began to learn it as a child.
I've heard stories of a group that worships dragons. Perhaps they're related to the Aegis?
I just can't work out how to get Fydon and Felyx to eat things that are good for them...
I see a lot of parents with children in town. I wonder if I can learn anything from them?
I've been with Fydon and Felyx for so long, I can tell what they're thinking from their eyes.
Home Screen Portrait
As a member of the Aegis tribe, my duty is to protect dragons.
I named Fydon and Felyx after the words for justice and courage, in the language of my people.
My tribe tended to the dragon's needs, and in return, we received their blessings.
I feed my dragons, trim their scales, cut their claws. Caring for them is no small task.
Collection Portrait
All I want is for Fydon and Felyx to live peaceful, happy lives.
Protecting and living in harmony with dragons is a way of life for us.
I'll show no mercy to those who would seek to harm my dragons.
I need to learn how other fathers deal with raising their children.
What's that? You'd like some of this candy? Sorry, I made it for my dragons.
At The Halidom
Is something the matter?
I've taken quite a liking to this place.
What should I cook up for my dragons today?
When reach 50 mana circle
I’ve made up my mind. I swear to protect you, always!

Adventurer Story Episodes

Episode 1

The Man Flanked by Dragons

120014 01 base portrait.png A moment, if you would. Might you be the pactbound prince?

100001 01 r04.png That's right. Who are you?

110021 01 r05.png My name is Xainfried, and I come to you—

Young Dragon: Squeeeak! Squeeeeak!

100001 01 r04.png You have infant dragons! ...TWO of them!

110021 01 r05.png I do, and it is my sworn responsibility to take care of them both.

110021 01 r05.png Their names are Fydon and Felyx.

100004 01 r04.png It's not often one stumbles upon a human raising young dragons.

100004 01 r04.png Just who are you, sir?

110021 01 r05.png I am an Aegis. Protecting these creatures is my solemn duty.

100004 01 r04.png I have heard that name before...

100004 01 r04.png They were a tribe that lived deep in the mountains and worshipped dragons.

110021 01 r05.png Indeed. We attended to the dragons' every need and in return received their blessings in our daily lives.

110021 01 r05.png But that is all in the past. In the end, my people fell in battle against another, hostile tribe.

110021 01 r05.png ...Even our dragons fell.

110021 01 r05.png The only survivors of the conflict were myself and the two dragons who now accompany me.

110021 01 r05.png We've been wandering the land together ever since.

100001 01 r04.png I'm very sorry to hear that. But what brings you here?

110021 01 r05.png No matter where I go, I've yet to find a place where these two will be able to live in safety.

110021 01 r05.png However, during my travels, I heard rumor of a pactbound prince who lives alongside dragons in peace.

100004 01 r04.png And you thought that man would be able to shelter your charges from harm?

110021 01 r05.png Correct. I know it is a great deal to ask, but would you let us stay here? Or just them, if I am too large a burden.

100001 01 r04.png All of you are welcome here.

110021 01 r05.png I'm deeply grateful for your kindness.

100001 01 r04.png Can you take Fydon and Felyx to the Dragon's Roost, Cleo?

110021 01 r05.png If it's not too much to ask, might you permit me to stay with them as well?

100001 01 r04.png Huh?

110021 01 r05.png Fydon and Felyx get lonely at night if I'm not with them.

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeeeak... Squeeeak!

100001 01 r04.png Wow. That's actually adorable. Think we can make this work, Cleo?

100004 01 r04.png I'll prepare a room in the castle for three.

110021 01 r05.png Oh, thank you so much!

100001 01 r04.png Please, it's no trouble at all. Welcome to the Halidom, Xainfried.

110021 01 r05.png I hope to repay this kindness someday.

110021 01 r05.png ...Did you hear that, you two? You'll get a good night's sleep tonight!

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeeeak! Squeeeak!

Episode 2

Feeding Dragons

110021 01 r05.png So we preserve the freshwater fish in salt for three days and nights, fillet it thinly, then add seven different spices.

100004 01 r04.png You're terribly skilled at this—and your knife skills are almost beyond compare.

110021 01 r05.png This is a dish I've made since I lived in the mountains. It is quite familiar to me.

100001 01 r04.png Something smells good...

100004 01 r04.png No snacking before dinner, Euden.

100001 01 r04.png Fiiine.

100001 01 r04.png ...Hmm? Oh, hello, Xainfried. I didn't expect to find you here.

110021 01 r05.png Apologies for taking up your kitchen.

100004 01 r04.png He's preparing food for Fydon and Felyx, and I'm watching out of curiosity.

110021 01 r05.png Right then. The next step is to mix in some bellathorna...

100004 01 r04.png Bellathorna? That's quite poisonous.

110021 01 r05.png To humans, yes, but it's essential for the healthy growth of dragons.

110021 01 r05.png They're not exactly fond of it, though.

100001 01 r04.png Wow. You really do know everything about raising dragons.

110021 01 r05.png I know enough to ensure they grow up healthy and happy.

110021 01 r05.png I want them to become fine adult dragons like their parents were one day.

100001 01 r04.png Heh. You're almost like their father.

110021 01 r05.png Their...father? Hmm. I've never thought of it that way before.

110021 01 r05.png Caring for dragons is the duty of our tribe.

110021 01 r05.png I was taught that it was something that should be done unquestioningly, without putting personal feelings into the equation.

110021 01 r05.png Still... Their father...

110021 01 r05.png What do you think it means to be a father, Euden?

100001 01 r04.png I'm probably not the best person to ask, to be honest.

100001 01 r04.png But I suppose it's about being a good role model for your children.

110021 01 r05.png Hmm... A role model...

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeak! Squeak! Squeeeeeeak!

110021 01 r05.png Enough, you two! Slow down and chew! It's not going to run away from you.

100001 01 r04.png They seem to be enjoying your food.

100004 01 r04.png Yet I notice they're eating around the bellathorna.

100001 01 r04.png Fydon! Felyx! Finish every bite, now! You can't grow up big and strong if you don't eat it all.

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeeeeeeeak...

110021 01 r05.png Here. Watch me.

100001 01 r04.png Uhhh, Xainfried? What are you do—

110021 01 r05.png This is good for you! Watch.

100004 01 r04.png H-hold on! That is a poisonous herb! We literally JUST discussed this!

100004 01 r04.png Spit it out at once!

110021 01 r05.png Mmm... Yummy! Now eat up, you two.

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeeeak! *chomp* *snorf*

110021 01 r05.png That's the spirit! Keep eating it so you can both grow up big and stro— GYAAAACK!

100001 01 r04.png Cleo, quick! Get an antidote or a curing potion or something!

110021 01 r05.png The bellathorna'sh poishon...merely numbsh she body... It'sh not lethal...

110021 01 r05.png I'll just resht...for a schecond... and it should go awaysh...

100001 01 r04.png That was a really stupid thing to do, Xainfried.

110021 01 r05.png Brrrr! *smack smack* Ah, there we are. ...Yes, I suppose you're correct.

110021 01 r05.png But their real parents aren't in this world anymore.

110021 01 r05.png Which means I must serve as a role model in their stead.

Episode 3

Dragon Daddy

100001 01 r04.png Xainfried and I are heading out to take care of those fiends.

100002 01 r04.png Very well. I'll take care of Fydon and Felyx in the meantime.

110021 01 r05.png Thank you. Be good, you two— and stay here!

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeak! Squeeeeak!

100002 01 r04.png Fydon! Felyx! It's time for lunch!

100002 01 r04.png ...Fydon? Felyx? Where are you?

110021 01 r05.png Hah!

100001 01 r04.png You took them all out in a single blow...

100001 01 r04.png You Aegis are a really impressive bunch.

110021 01 r05.png These fiends are nothing. I fought ones twice as strong when I lived in the mountains.

110021 01 r05.png But never mind these small fry—we need to hurry and find their leader.

110021 01 r05.png If I take too long to come back, my dragons will start getting uneasy.

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeeeeeeak!

100001 01 r04.png ...Er, I may be hearing things, but I feel like that was Fydon and Felyx.

110021 01 r05.png They couldn't...

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeak! Squeak!

110021 01 r05.png You followed me? Bad dragons! Bad!

100001 01 r04.png Huh. Do we need to take them back to the castle and come back later?

120007 01 base portrait.png Raaaaaaaagh!

110021 01 r05.png That option is off the table, I fear.

100001 01 r04.png That's the leader! Ugh, why did it have to show up now?

110021 01 r05.png Leave this to me.

110021 01 r05.png I leave Fydon and Felyx in your care, Euden.

110021 01 r05.png Hraaaaaah!

110021 01 r05.png Nnngh... This one's tough...

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeak! Squeak!

110021 01 r05.png I can't lose a battle while those two are watching me! Yaaaah!

100001 01 r04.png You did it!

110021 01 r05.png Our work here is complete. Let's get back to the castle.

100001 01 r04.png Whew... Just a little farther now.

110021 01 r05.png Euden, I'm sorry for the trouble those two caused today.

100001 01 r04.png Oh, don't worry about it.

100001 01 r04.png Still, I can't believe they actually followed us all that way.

110021 01 r05.png Nor can I, especially as I told them to stay put and wait for me to return.

100001 01 r04.png Maybe they wanted to see their father in all his action-hero glory.

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeak! Squeak!

110021 01 r05.png Do you think? That's actually a little embarrassing...

100001 01 r04.png You really seemed to release your true strength when they were watching you.

110021 01 r05.png ......

100002 01 r04.png Fyyyyydon! Feeeeelyx! Where aaare you?!

100001 01 r04.png That's Elly. She must not know the dragons are here with us.

110021 01 r05.png I will have to apologize to her, as well. Atoning for a child's mistakes is the duty of their parent, after all.

Episode 4

The Dragons Grow

100002 01 r04.png Your Highness! The castle has come under attack by a group of bandits!

100001 01 r04.png What?!

100002 01 r04.png They appear to be after the young dragons Felyx and Fydon. But how did they even know they were here?!

110021 01 r05.png Bring me to these rogues—I will choke the very life out of them with my own hands!

100002 01 r04.png Ranzal and the others are holding them off at the front gate! Hurry!

Thief A: Oi! Looks like we found some'a the castle residents, so we did!

100002 01 r04.png No! They're already inside the castle!

Thief A: Bwa ha ha! Yer friends at the gate ain't too bright. They fell for our little distraction 'ook, line, and sinker!

Thief A: Now 'and over them kid dragons, or I start crackin' skulls.

110021 01 r05.png What would you even want with them? I can't see ruffians such as you wanting to raise them as your own.

Thief A: Raise 'em? Are ya daft? I ain't cut out to play nursemaid for a bunch'a moppets!

Thief A: We'll either sell 'em off to some rich bloke or dice 'em up and use the bits what to make fancy medicines.

110021 01 r05.png You monsters...

110021 01 r05.png I'm guessing you're fairly confident in your strength if you've chosen to call us out.

110021 01 r05.png But that was your error, for the moment I saw you, your fate was sealed. Today, you die on my lance.

Thief A: Bwa ha ha! Lookit this one, boys! Spoilin' for a fight, 'e is! ...Get 'em!

100001 01 r04.png Get ready, Elly!

100002 01 r04.png Oh, I am.

Thief A: Cor! We got twice their numbers, so 'ow in the 'ell they beatin' us?!

Thief A: Still, we oughta be juuust about...

Thief B: Oi! We got them two dragons! Let's get outta here!

100002 01 r04.png Damn! This was nothing but a diversion!

120034 01 base portrait.png SQUEEEEEAK!

110021 01 r05.png Release them at once!

Thief B: Eh? You say somethin'?!

110021 01 r05.png GRAAAAAAGH!

Thief B: Gya! This one 'ere's a damn monster!

Thief A: It's like fightin' 10 men at once, it is! Gyaaaaa!

100001 01 r04.png He...he killed them all. By HIMSELF.

100002 01 r04.png I barely had time to process what was happening.

110021 01 r05.png *pant* Are you both well?

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeak! Squeak!

Thief A: Oi! Nobody makes a fool of us bandits and gets away with it! DIIIIIE!

100001 01 r04.png Xainfried! Behind you!

120034 01 base portrait.png SQUEAK! SQUEAK!

Thief A: Gaaah! Them little dragons're... Graaaagh!

110021 01 r05.png Incredible...

100003 01 r04.png Hey! We drove back all the guys at the gates and... Uh...

100003 01 r04.png Huh. That's a lot'a dead bandits. You guys were busy.

100003 01 r04.png That's good work considerin' there were only three of ya back here.

100001 01 r04.png Five. Fydon and Felyx helped as well.

120034 01 base portrait.png Squeak! Squeak!

110021 01 r05.png It seems my time protecting you may be coming to a close...

Episode 5

Dragon Admiration

120007 01 base portrait.png Graaaaaaaaah!

100001 01 r04.png Whew! That's the last of them. Now the people here should be able to live in peace once more.

110021 01 r05.png The fiends seem to be getting ever more ferocious lately.

100001 01 r04.png Agreed. I find myself having to shapeshift with increasing frequency these days.

110021 01 r05.png Speaking of which, might I ask you something, Euden?

100001 01 r04.png Sure. Go ahead.

110021 01 r05.png Fydon and Felyx are yet children.

110021 01 r05.png But eventually, they will grow into adults that possess immeasurable power.

110021 01 r05.png When that happens, do you intend to form a pact with them?

100001 01 r04.png I'm not considering that at the moment.

110021 01 r05.png At the moment?

100001 01 r04.png Well, there's a chance we're going to keep running up against ever stronger foes.

100001 01 r04.png When that happens, I'm going to need the strength of as many dragons as I can convince to lend me their aid.

100001 01 r04.png So if Fydon and Felyx want to help me, I would be grateful to have their support.

100001 01 r04.png But that decision is entirely up to them.

110021 01 r05.png I see...

110021 01 r05.png Haaaah!

100001 01 r04.png Out training, Xainfried?

110021 01 r05.png Indeed.

100001 01 r04.png I've never seen you training before. Why the sudden interest?

110021 01 r05.png Do you remember when I told you how my people were annihilated by a hostile tribe?

100001 01 r04.png They wiped out your people as well as all of your dragons, yes? Well, except for your two, of course.

110021 01 r05.png This tribe caught us off guard by launching a surprise attack against the settlement.

110021 01 r05.png When that happened, the parents of Felyx and Fydon gave their lives fighting for us.

110021 01 r05.png That desire—that need to save those who you love... I have never seen its like before or since.

110021 01 r05.png But it's clear that my dragon charges have inherited it.

110021 01 r05.png When they fought to save me from the bandits, I saw the same look in their eyes that I saw in their parents'.

100001 01 r04.png And you think they'll grow up wanting to protect others?

110021 01 r05.png Yes. And when that happens, I must be there to fight at their side.

110021 01 r05.png Which means I must become even stronger than I am now.

110021 01 r05.png This is my duty as an Aegis.

100001 01 r04.png I see. Well, if I can help with anything, make sure to let me know.

110021 01 r05.png If ever you find yourself in need of more strength, Euden, I'd be happy if you formed a pact with them.

110021 01 r05.png I'm sure they would love nothing more than to join with someone who also fights for the good of others.

110021 01 r05.png And if this happens, I will also fight to protect their new master.

100001 01 r04.png Thank you, Xainfried.

100001 01 r04.png Although if you ask me, there's more influence here than just what comes from their biological parents.

110021 01 r05.png What do you mean?

100001 01 r04.png Children grow up watching their parents— and learning from them.

100001 01 r04.png I'm guessing Fydon and Felyx both admire the way you fight.

110021 01 r05.png Mmm. I find that thought...embarrassing.