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This Month in Dragalia Lost (July 2020)[edit | edit source]

Regarding Future Game Balance[edit | edit source]

  • Some big balance adjustments have been made lately.
  • Adjustments will continued to be made as more content is added in the future, taking player feedback and play data into account.
  • The current goal is to increase the number of adventurers who can challenge the game's high-difficulty content.
  • Because the clear rate for high-difficulty content using certain adventurers is extremely high, adjustments are being considered so that a wider variety of adventurers can complete that content.
  • Adjustments will gradually be made to adventurers by unlocking their 6th mana circle tier, or by adjusting the adventurer's capabilities.

Upcoming Features[edit | edit source]

  • Specify which adventurers appear on the home page
  • Play past events any time
  • An encyclopedia
  • Other game improvements

Events[edit | edit source]

Summon Showcase[edit | edit source]

No upcoming Summon Showcases.

Gala Dragalia Showcase[edit | edit source]

Gala Dragalia is a special summon showcase which has special features over normal summon showcases such as:

  • Limited-time Gala Dragalia versions of adventurers will be added, available only while Gala Dragalia is active.
  • The initial appearance rate for 5 Icon Rarity 5.png adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints will be increased to 6% from the standard 4%.
  • If a 5 Icon Rarity 5.png fails to appear within 60 summons (instead of the normal 100 summons), then a 5 Icon Rarity 5.png will specially appear in the summon after that.
  • Gala Dragalia Showcases are scheduled to take place every two months.

Adventurers[edit | edit source]

No upcoming Adventurers.

Dragons[edit | edit source]

No upcoming Dragons.

Wyrmprints[edit | edit source]

No upcoming Wyrmprints.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

No upcoming Weapons.

Castle Stories[edit | edit source]

No upcoming Castle Stories.

Facilities[edit | edit source]



A mystical tree filled with light mana and granted new power upon defeating ???. Use it to boost the stats of light-attuned adventurers.