Thus Spoke the Scholar

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Thus Spoke the Scholar


Thus Spoke the Scholar

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Eureka! I've finally done it! I've invented the perfect space-time distortion device! Now I can create my hole in space-time WITHOUT blowing something up! And now, let the great experiment begin!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Oh, goodness, what a mess! This is going to be a bear to clean up.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: *cough* *hack* Ugh! I'm so sorry!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: This is not the first time you've created an explosion this month, Sinoa. ...Or the second, for that matter.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: I don't understand why it didn't work; my calculations were perfect!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: That is also something we've heard before. Now out. Shoo! It will take some time for us to finish cleaning up this mess.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Um, okay. Sorry again! *sigh* I really thought that would work.

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: You look low, my companion in science.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Hello, Kleimann. And yes, I fear my experiment failed yet again. I'm plenty accustomed to failures, but I REALLY thought I had it this time—yet it all blew up in my face. Er, literally.

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: And that saddens you? What an odd reaction! Wheee hee hee ha ha hoo!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: How is that odd?

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Whoopsie! No time to chat about this and that—I have an experiment of my own to prepare! Buuuut if you like, you're welcome to come watch. A little peer review never goes amiss, no? And perhaps you'll learn something in the process! Whee hee!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: I'm sorry, but I'm not really in the mood for experiments right now.

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Yes, yes! The more observers one has, the more one can diversify their data- gathering efforts! Now come, Sinoa! We have not even a nanosecond to waste! Come with me! Come, I say! Wheeee hee hee ha ha hoo!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: W-wait, Kleimann! Well, here I am. But those things in the magic circle look like...

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Fiend parts. I had Rodrigo and Zace collect them for me. I am curious as to whether or not I can procure an effect similar to that of an otherworld fragment by using them as catalysts for ritualistic magic. If this experiment succeeds, it should create a space-time distortion that allows us to peer into another dimension. Is science not WONDERFUL?!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: It is more wonderful than you know; YOUR research crosses over with MINE!

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Oooo, I bet your heart is pounding now!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: It certainly is!

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Then let us begin the experiment. And a-one, and a-two, and a-here's a bit of science for you!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: *cough* *hack* W-well, Kleimann? Was the experiment a success?

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Behold for yourself!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Ack! Fiends!

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Indeed! It seems that instead of creating a space-time distortion, we've summoned a horde of fiends! Wheeee hee hee ha—

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: STOP LAUGHING AND KILL THEM ALREADY! *pant* Right then! Fiends dispatched.

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: A shame. I was hoping to continue my observation for a bit longer.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: So can I assume we're chalking that experiment up as a failure?

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: And yet the theoretical underpinnings are faultless! Perhaps there was a problem with the fiend parts we used? Still, this is, in itself, a deeply fascinating result. Wheeeee hee hee ha ha hoo!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: How can you possibly enjoy this so much, Kleimann?

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Blurgh? Are you NOT enjoying yourself?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: I don't usually like it when one of my experiments fails.

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Vexation over failure... What a strange thing for a scientist to feel!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: You're calling me odd again?!

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: You are correct in that we did not obtain our expected outcome. But we have made the discovery that doing what we did does not work! We have acquired new knowledge! Do your eyeballs not twitch excitedly at such expansion of your knowledge? Is that not what it means to be the creature known as a "scientist"?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Not sure about the twitching eyeball bit, but I think I get what you're saying. I became a scientist because I enjoyed discovering new knowledge. But lately, I've been so focused on the success or failure of my experiments that I've forgotten all about the joy of a new discovery. Failures are part of expanding knowledge, and it's my duty as a scientist to find joy in that! Thank you so much, Kleimann! Now I can take on my own experiments with a positive attitude again!

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Weeeeell, since I was ever so helpful, perhaps you might allow me to assist in this little experiment of yours?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Er, you want to assist me?

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Consider it repayment for the help you gave me—also, I AM rather curious as to what you're getting up to.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Good gravy! What was THAT?!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: I'll bet a shiny gold coin it is another of Sinoa's experiments. ...Hmm? Wait, is that Kleimann with her?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Welp, it blew up again!

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Still, what a fascinating reaction we were able to observe! This experiment was a smashing success in that respect.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Yep! Even a failure is a new discovery. Now where did I put my recording journal...?

110051 01 r04.pngKleimann: Yes! More tests! More, I say! Wheeee hee hee hee ha ha hoo!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Yes! More! Wheeee hee hee hee!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Well, they seem to be having a good time considering they just blew something apart.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Are ALL scientists so odd?

The End