The World Beyond

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The World Beyond


Village Chief: I can't apologize enough for agreeing to offer up Lowen as a sacrifice.

Village Chief: But I was unable to find any other option...

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I get that-but that doesn't mean I'm willing to shrug it off as if nothing happened!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: You put my brother in grave danger!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Yeah, but everything was okay in the end, so let's call it water under the bridge.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Well... If you say so...

Village Chief: I promise that we will make up for what you had to endure, young Lowen.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: So what is your plan going forward?

Village Chief: Thanks to you, the prince has agreed to help protect us from fiends in the future.

Village Chief: Which means we can stop being reliant on Garuda.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: You DO understand why Garuda asked for a sacrifice in the first place, right?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: It's because of how lonely she was during the time she was protecting the people of this village.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: She sacrificed everything for our people, so I hope you are not intending to simply turn your back on her now that another option has presented itself!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Eeek! Calm down, Louise!

Village Chief: Put your fears at ease. No matter who protects us, we shall continue to revere Garuda as we always have.

Village Chief: We will all work together to ensure she never feels lonely again.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Don't ever forget that promise.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Hmm? The wind seems different somehow.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: I hope nothing happened to Garuda. We should go check on her!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: But that cliff is really dangerous...

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Well, I'm going, so if you wanna come, you better hurry it up!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: All right, all right! Wait for me!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: So this is where Garuda lives...

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: The air here is so dry and depressing. It's no wonder she felt lonely living in a place like this all by herself.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: ...Garuda? Are you there?

210036 01.pngGaruda: Ah! Greetings, Lowen! ...Oh, and YOU.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: No need to sound so disappointed.

210036 01.pngGaruda: What do you want from me, Lowen?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I'm standing RIGHT HERE!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: The wind in the village feels...different.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: It was sort of gloomy, so I worried something happened to you.

210036 01.pngGaruda: No matter how I try to hide it, the wind reveals the truth.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Then what is it? What's wrong?

210036 01.pngGaruda: I am leaving this place.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: 110257 01 r04.pngLowen: What?!

210036 01.pngGaruda: As this village now lives under the prince's protection, mine is no longer required.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: But everyone realizes they were wrong! They won't let you be lonely again!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Are you sure you still want to go?

210036 01.pngGaruda: I am not leaving because of loneliness; it is because I no longer need to worry.

210036 01.pngGaruda: Fear of the village's safety kept me here in the past. But now...

210036 01.pngGaruda: Well, perhaps your prince saw this coming.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: So does that mean we'll never see each other again?!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: We just became friends! I don't want you to go!

210036 01.pngGaruda: Friends can never be parted.

210036 01.pngGaruda: If ever you need my assistance, I promise to fly to your aid.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Hee hee! I'm gonna hold you to that.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Perhaps we could all be friends.

210036 01.pngGaruda: I have Lowen. You are unnecessary.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I attempt to hold out an olive branch and THAT is your response?!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Besides, I'll have you know that Lowen belongs to me!

210036 01.pngGaruda: I thought you were planning to give him more space?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Not if it means you're going to rush in to fill that gap!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Wait, WHAT?!

210036 01.pngGaruda: Aaaah ha ha! Oh, what fun this is.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: ...Heh. I suppose it IS a bit silly.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Ha ha ha ha!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: See, guys? This is great!

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: It IS pretty great-and it's all because Garuda asked you to be a sacrifice.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Well, and because the prince decided to step in and help us out.

210036 01.pngGaruda: Were it not for those events, it is unlikely either you or I would be leaving this village.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Honestly, I STILL have a number of reservations about leaving.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: This village contains memories of our parents. If I wanted to keep living here as if nothing happened, I'm sure I could.

210036 01.pngGaruda: Yet because of what you learned about yourself, you will not do so?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: That's right. Leaving the village let both Lowen and I realize how much stronger we need to become.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Running from the truth won't help either of us do that.

210036 01.pngGaruda: Then where will you go?

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: We're going to the Halidom to fight with the prince and his friends.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Yeah! I'm gonna get strong and protect what I care about just like he does!

210036 01.pngGaruda: I am certain you will be able to make that dream come true in time.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: So what about you?

210036 01.pngGaruda: I intend to fly about the world and grow stronger myself.

210036 01.pngGaruda: It was a terrible mistake to let my loneliness overtake me, and I do not intend to make that same error twice.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I understand,

210036 01.pngGaruda: Well, I have said my parting words. This is farewell.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: But this isn't the last time we're gonna see each other, right?!

210036 01.pngGaruda: No. We shall meet again, you and I.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: You bet we will!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Take care, Garuda! We'll be waiting!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Aaaand...there she goes.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Hmm? The wind just changed direction all of a sudden.

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: It feels like it's pushing us forward.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Ha ha! She could have just TOLD us that's how she felt instead of being so sly!

110257 01 r04.pngLowen: Yeah, but I think the wind actually shows her feelings better than she does.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: I suppose the wind is telling us to go forth and do our best.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: O wind! Messenger of the promised land

Your breath bring naught but joy
Wherever you blow and however grand
We'll always your breezes enjoy

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: We're leaving this place just as you did, Garuda.

110256 01 r05.pngLouise: Because there's a whole world out there waiting for us!