The Terrible Trio

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The Terrible Trio


A peaceful village has been occupied by fearsome bandits, leading its inhabitants to ask for aid from the Halidom. Unfortunately, everyone is away on other matters except for three rather problematic individuals...

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: That must be the village in question.

Kind-hearted Knight: Aeleen

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: Those bandit chumps better be ready, because they're about to taste JUSTICE!

Justice Incarnate: Karl

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: We look to be heavily outnumbered, but that just gets my blood pumping all the more!

Challenge-seeking Warrior: Berserker

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Hold on a minute, guys. There are three of us and a hundred of them. We shouldn't just rush headlong into bat—

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: MY WEAPON CRAVES BLOOD!

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: JUSTIIIIICE!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU!

Karl & Berserker: Guh?

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Stop being idiots about this and listen! If we just run in there half-baked, we're going to be slaughtered.

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: But justice is a dish best served piping hot!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Haste makes waste for everything— justice included.

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: Then what do you propose we do?

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: If we take out their leader, the rest of the bandits will scatter. So here's my plan...

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: ...Psst! Okay, so far, so good. We just need to reach their leader without being seen.

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: What line will have the most impact? "It's time to pay the fiddler"? Or maybe just, "It's justice time!"

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: This isn't the time to be thinking of catchphrases, Karl!

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: I smell the scent of war in the air. Bring it to me! Bring it forth!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Berserker! Please restrain yourself until we actually NEED to fight!

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: "Hear the howl of justice"? Wait, no. "Justice tolls for thee!"

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: Must stay calm. Must stay calm. Must—AAARGH! UNLEASH MY FURY!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: WOULD YOU TWO PLEASE SHUT UP?!

Bandit: Oy, who the hell're you lot?!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: We' simple villagers! Er, tee hee hee?

Bandit: What kinda simple villager walks 'round armed to the teeth like that?!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Uh oh. Time to fall back and—


110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: LEAVE SOME FOR MEEE!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Aaaand there they go. Ugh. Now I'll have to join them...

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: JUSTICE! JUSTICE! JUSTIIIIIICE!

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: More foes! More! MORE, I SAY!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: I hope this works out.

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: How dare you bind me so, cretins!

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: How could I get so excited to fight that I missed such an obvious trap?!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: ...It didn't work out.

Chief Bandit: Bwaaa ha ha! Where's your justice now, fools?! Just one little lass left. This ain't even close to a fair fight, but we better make the most of it.

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: I can't possibly handle this many alone, but I have to save Karl and Berserker!

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: Go, Aeleen! Save yourself! I regret nothing!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: I won't leave you!

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: You have to!

Bandits: Ya ain't gettin' away from us, girlie. Get 'er, boys! Bwaaa ha ha ha!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Eeek!

Bandits: Aaaargh!

Chief Bandit: Wh-what just happened?!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Die... Diediediediedie DIEEEEE!

Chief Bandit: I though this lass was gonna be a total pushover, but she's killin' us!

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: Looks like her aggressive other personality has woken up.

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: She's a whirlwind of destruction... A shame it comes at the cost of her own self-composure.

Chief Bandit: Gya! She took out all'a my men! M-mercy! Mercyyyy!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: I SPARE NO ONE!

Chief Bandit: Eeeeek! She's yer friend, ain't she? I'll letcha go if ya calm her down!

110050 01 r04.pngBerserker: She cannot even distinguish between friend and foe in such a state, I fear. Looks like we no choice, Karl.

110008 01 r04.pngKarl: You're right—for bearing the madness of one's friends is also part of JUSTICE!

Chief Bandit: Yer mad! All of ya!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: DIEEEEEE!

Chief Bandit: Eeeeeeeek!

Thus ended the gang of bandits. Afterward, a calmed Aeleen found herself apologizing to her heavily beaten friends...