That Special Day: Part Two

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That Special Day: Part Two


A disagreement between three budding brides over whose wedding ceremony would be the best leads to them racing around the castle in preparation for their big days.
First, they must find people who are willing to help them arrange their ceremonies...

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Pleeeease, Cleo! You gotta cater my wedding! I promise I'll do whatever you want in return!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: I have no problem helping you, Aoi. However, I think there is someone here who is much better suited to the rigors of preparing Hinomotoan cuisine.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Huh? There is?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: ...Oh, Sazanka! I forgot all about her, but you're right―she'd be PERFECT!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: If I might raise a more pressing matter, Cleo: Are you certain it is wise to leave THOSE two unaccompanied?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: ...Those two?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Augh! Explosion! We're under attack!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Oh no! The bread exploded!

110305 01 r05.pngLucretia: Um, maybe we used too much yeast? Or heat? Or, um...flour?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: I knew I shouldn't have left them unsupervised...

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: *sigh* Let us see this mess cleaned.

110305 01 r05.pngLucretia: 110027 01 r03.pngMelody: WE'RE SO SOOOORRY!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: (There are all kinds of people in this castle, so the outcome of the battle will depend heavily on who I choose for aid.)

Meanwhile, in Elisanne's corner...

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Please be the officiant at my wedding, Hildegarde! Pleeeease!

110043 01 r05.pngHildegarde: I have no time for such games. Find someone else.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Blast! Whoever will I ask now...? Ah, of course! That's PERFECT!

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Wh-what? Oh, good heavens, no! Just the thought of reading vows in front of an audience makes me want to faint!

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: There are plenty of other religiously affiliated folks in this castle, so why not ask them? ...Speaking of, look there!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Is that Curran and...Xania?

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Hello, Elisanne. How are you faring?

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Not well, if I am being honest. What about you?

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Splendidly! In fact, I just found myself the perfect priest!

110281 01 r05.pngCurran: Hey, us inquisitors know how to mumble vows in front of folks too, you know? Wanna hear a sample? Here goes...

110281 01 r05.pngCurran: "And by the power vesting in me, I now pronoun you his band and woof. You may miss the braid!"

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: 100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: 110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: (...Ouch.)

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Er, perhaps you should ask someone else? What about Estelle? Or Ryozen?

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Oh, but I forgot all about Ryozen! He would be a much better selection for this particular job than me.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Yes, but I'm not sure he looks like at a wedding.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: I think he is a fine man.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: A fine man who is usually half-NAKED.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: ...Ah. Yes. I see.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: 110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: 110281 01 r05.pngCurran: ......

Several days later...

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: I'm glad we were all able to gather a good number of helpers in the end.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Now all that remains is finding a partner―and I know just the person to ask!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: I'm gonna ask my master to do it!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Ha ha ha! I knew you would come.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Philia!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: That's right, it's me! The fated partner of RMK!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: The three of you all want him to play the part of the groom in your little wedding farce, riiiight?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Well, forget it! I'm not going to stand by and let my beloved walk down the aisle with another woman, even if the ceremony IS totally fake and stupid!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: If you want to ask him, you'll have to go through ME! Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: ...Is she TRYING to sound evil?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: We accept your challenge. Let the battle begin!

Together: Hraaaaah!

Who will win this bridal brouhaha? Find out in the next chapter!