That Special Day: Part Three

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That Special Day: Part Three


The three brides have finished gathering their helpers, which means the battle for wedding supremacy is about to begin!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Let me introduce you to the geniuses who will be putting MY wedding together!

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: 110063 01 r03.pngEstelle: 110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: 110044 01 r03.pngTaro:

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi:
The Nuptial Ninjas: Aoi's Team

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: You're using a member of the Ilian Church to perform a Hinomotoan ceremony?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Yep! That way, the ceremony will be a mix of cultures—a wedding that brings the whole world together as one!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Huh! I suppose that does make sense. Now let me introduce you to MY team!

110281 01 r05.pngCurran: 110048 01 r03.pngVice: 110001 01 r03.pngAlain: 110025 01 r03.pngNicolas:

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania:
The Odd Bunch: Xania's Team

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: I brought along everyone I could convince to help out.

110001 01 r03.pngAlain: We must retreat up the aisle at once!

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: You walk DOWN the aisle in a wedding, Alain. You don't retreat UP it.

110048 01 r03.pngVice: I just said I could peel a pumpkin, and all of a sudden I'm dragged into this? I'm an assassin, dammit!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Your team seems to lack unity. Are you sure you can perform a ceremony together?

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Yes, well, now let me introduce MY fine assistants!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: 100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: 110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: 100004 01 r04.pngCleo:

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania:
The Daily Dreamers: Elisanne's Team

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Waaaaah! I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you, my love!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Er, it's fine. Just please calm down.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: I have sent out invitations to everyone in the castle telling them our ceremonies will take place tomorrow.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: That will give all of them a chance to vote on which wedding they think is best.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Then let's make it a day to remember!

Everyone: Yeah!

That night...

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Rrrgh! This will NEVER gonna be done in time!

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: I did not perfect my ninja skills for them to be used like...this.

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: How's everything going, you two?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Terrible! Elisanne is so darn picky about EVERYTHING—I could work all night and not finish this!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Er, so how's stuff on your end?

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: We were able to finish without difficulty, but whether the result is WORTH seeing is another matter entirely.

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: That bodes ill.

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Yeah, it's all just There's no sense of individuality.

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: Mmm. Aoi has the opposite problem. Her ceremony is almost TOO unique, and I fear none will appreciate it.

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: It is nothing but ninjutsu from tip to tail. She insists that is Hinomoto's style, but I beg to differ.

110016 01 r03.pngJurota: Honestly, I am uncertain if her event even qualifies AS a wedding.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Sounds like every team's got problems. Still, not much we can do about it now, what with the invites bein' sent and all.

110025 01 r03.pngNicolas: Agreed. People are actually excited for this mad affair, and it wouldn't do to cancel the whole thing now.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: I know, right?

The Morning of the Ceremony

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Aaauuugh! What is the meaning of this?! The food and the decorations are nowhere NEAR being finished!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: I TOLD you we'd never finish if ya obsessed over every last detail! ..Er, so what's the plan now?

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: *sigh* I don't know. At this rate, we won't just lose—we'll actually end up disappointing everyone.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Elisanne! We need to talk!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Why do you two look so flustered?

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: I worked really hard to create an ideal ceremony, but it''s BORING!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: And I went too far in the other direction and made it all about my style. Now it just looks like I'm hosting a freakin' ninja tournament!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Everyone's gonna hate it.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: If it makes you feel better, I was far too meticulous in my planning, and my ceremony is nowhere near finished.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: It sounds as if we are all in trouble. The question, then, is what we do.

Unknown.png???: Maybe you should just stop competing already! I mean, DUH!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Then my fated love won't have to pretend to marry any of you harpies!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Of course!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: Instead of competing against each other, we can work together to create ONE ceremony everyone will enjoy!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Which will let each of us make up for the other's weaknesses!

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Even if we can't give people the competition they were promised, we can at least entertain them.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: It is not too late to save this. Come on!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Yeah, that's right! You all just go! Shoo! ...Er, I GUESS this worked out for me?

And so, the time comes for the ceremony...

110036 01 r03.pngMalora: Honestly, this is like dealing with children. Who makes a contest out of MARRIAGE?

100029 01 base portrait.pngSarisse: RIGHT?! I'm personally hoping they'll start fighting and rolling on the ground and pulling each other's hair or whatever. That would be the BEST.

110045 01 r03.pngErik: 110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: 110258 01 r03.pngPietro:

110023 01 r03.pngJohanna: 110261 01 r03.pngMarty: 110014 01 r03.pngCibella:

110036 01 r03.pngMalora: The people are starting to gather. Let's see what they can do, mmm?

110063 01 r03.pngEstelle: Attention, everyone! Cease your talking, unless you wish to feel the Loving Hand!

110063 01 r03.pngEstelle: The event will begin shortly, and I, Estelle, will be your master of ceremonies.

110281 01 r05.pngCurran: And me! ...Er, Curran. Now let's have some applause for today's happy brides!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: 100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: 110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania:

100029 01 base portrait.pngSarisse: ...Huh? Why are they holding hands? WHERE'S MY HAIR PULLING?!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: May we have a moment of your time, everyone?

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: You were all invited here to watch three wedding ceremonies and choose your favorite from among them.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: However, we were too immature as brides to live up to our promise, and for this, we are truly sorry.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: But not wanting all of you to go home disappointed, we decided to join forces.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: Together, we've created one ceremony that combines all of our ideals!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: It may not be what you were promised, but we hope you enjoy it all the same.

100029 01 base portrait.pngSarisse: The idea of a competition had me worried, but they all look super happy.

110036 01 r03.pngMalora: Yes, this sounds MUCH more fun.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Th-then will all of the brides please step forward?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: 100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: 110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania:

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Er, yes. Right then. Do you promise to be good friends, in sickness and health, for as long as you all shall live?

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: 100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: 110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: We do!

After the Ceremony

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Whew! I'm glad that all worked out.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: As am I. Ricardt may have fainted, but everyone else seemed to quite enjoy themselves.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: I enjoyed myself, too—and also learned something along the way.

110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Agreed. We should probably hold off on wedding plans until we have a better understanding of love in general.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: The whole concept of competing over this was silly to begin with, yet in my stubbornness, I would not let it go.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: We were all immature as both people and as brides, and only able to do a proper job when we joined forces.

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: But I'm going to train really hard and change that!

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: As am I—and I believe this escapade was a perfect first step.

100002 06 r05.pngWedding Elisanne: So let's keep working together to better ourselves!

110002 02 r05.pngWedding Aoi: 110004 02 r04.pngWedding Xania: Gladly!

The End