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Team Building is the action of choosing and outfitting the four adventurers that will be sent on a quest. This is done in the "Teams" tab in the menu.

Edit Teams[edit | edit source]

Edit Teams will allow the player to choose party members and adjust their gear. To include an adventurer, tap them and then tap the slot they will fill, and they will be placed into the active party. Whenever a team member is added to the team, they will not have any gear equipped, and they will equip their default shared skills. To equip their gear, tap the appropriate location on their info window below them, and then tap the desired item.

Team Building Considerations[edit | edit source]

The main five components to consider when team building are:

Choosing Adventurers[edit | edit source]

Element chart

The first consideration when building a team is the core element the team should be, which will decide which adventurers and dragons to bring.

Since each quest has an attributed element that the majority of the enemies, including the boss, within the quest have, a team should usually be built to contain the element that is stronger against that element, to improve defensive capabilities and to a lesser extent, offensive capabilities. For example, a Flame quest is best tackled by a team of Water-attuned adventurers and gear, as Water-attuned adventurers enjoy a 50% damage reduction against all Flame damage, as well as 50% increased damage towards Flame enemies. However, it may not always be possible to have the resources to build a mono-element team. In this case, it is fine to bring adventurers and gear of other types (Rainbow teams), as long as the adventurers are not weak to the quest element. For example, Wind-attuned adventurers should not be used for a Flame quest.

  • Some quests later on in the Main Campaign introduces off-element enemies and sometimes enemies with an elemental advantage against you. Caution is advised in this situation.

Since the player controls the first character, it is possible to just have a main character strong against the quest element to carry the AI regardless of element, especially since AI adventurers enjoy a permanent damage reduction to compensate for their worse attack-dodging capabilities.

Some adventurers may also have a niche that overrides elemental consideration.

  • Exceptionally strong melee DPS like 100001 01 r04.png The Prince, 110291 01 r05.png Marth, and 100005 02 r05.png Gala Alex are valuable on most teams for their very high damage output, even outside of their element, as long as elemental disadvantages aren't at play.
  • 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne and 110335 01 r04.png Patia grant access to high amounts of unconditional strength and/or defense buffs, and also provide a universal HP co-ability, and hence can make significant contributions to a team as long as elemental disadvantages aren't at play.
  • Healers like 100004 01 r04.png Cleo, 110043 01 r05.png Hildegarde, 110269 01 r04.png Verica, 110257 02 r04.png Halloween Lowen, and 110059 01 r05.png Grace are valuable on most teams for sustain or protection.

Additionally, players may only place one variation of each character in the game. This means, for example, that 100010 04 r05.png Gala Mym and 100010 07 r05.png Halloween Mym cannot be on the same team.

Choosing Dragons[edit | edit source]

Dragons should be taken into consideration alongside adventurers. This is because if an adventurer and equipped dragon share the same element, not only does the adventurer benefit from the dragon's abilities (e.g. Icon Ability 1020002.png (Flame) Strength +40%, etc.), but sharing the same element also grants a 50% HP and strength increase to the dragon's base stats.

Thus, when selecting adventurers, a player should also take into consideration what elemental dragons are available to equip to those adventurers as well.

Similar to adventurers, exceptions may be made for niche off-element dragons.

  • 210111 01.png Mini Mids's, 210127 01.png Mini Zodi's, and 210123 01.png Fatalis's abilities still function on off-element adventurers, making them pretty good choices if you need a filler dragon, as they're stronger than story and most welfare event dragons.
  • 210006 01.png Phoenix's and 210084 01.png Freyja's healing skills grant an extremely potent regen heal which can heal an entire team to full, even in raids, making them incredibly valuable even off-element.

Dragon preferences for an adventurer are generally as follows:

  • DPS adventurers want Strength or Skill Damage, so that they can dish out more damage.
    • preference for Strength or Skill Damage will vary by how much of the adventurer's total DPS comes from skills. An adventurer such as 100005 02 r05.png Gala Alex depends on her skills for a large portion of her DPS, so she would want Skill Damage. Conversely, an adventurer such as 110300 01 r04.png Pipple doesn't have much Skill Damage (actually he doesn't have any), so he would prefer Strength.
  • Buffer units (such as 100002 01 r04.png Elisanne) would appreciate Icon Ability 1020004.png Skill Haste Up so that they can set up their buffs faster.
  • Healers want HP, which enhances the power of their heals and improves their survivability.

Choosing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Weapons Guide

Weapons should be crafted in consideration to adventurers' weapon types. For example, if using an adventurer that wields daggers, then craft a dagger.

Core crafted weapons gain an element at Tier 3. Chimeratech, High Dragon, and Agito weapons are always elemental weapons. Similar to dragons, elemental weapons equipped with an adventurer of the same elemental type, will grant an additional 50% HP and strength to the weapon's base stats.

Choosing Wyrmprints[edit | edit source]

Main article: Wyrmprints Guide

Effectively selecting wyrmprints will highly depend on the adventurer's skills and player preference. It is best to analyze the wyrmprint's abilities and determine which adventurers match best with the provided abilities.

There are also wyrmprints which have high risk, high reward abilities such as 400338 01.png Seaside Princess's Icon Ability 1020002.png Full HP = Strength +15% and Icon Ability 1020011.png Full HP = Critical Damage +22%. If a player can maintain the adventurer's HP levels (which may be easier on ranged characters vs. melee, or with regen healing), then the additional stats and damage these abilities provide may pay off. Ultimately, this is all dependent on synergizing with what skills and abilities an adventurer has, as well as playstyle.

Choosing Shared Skills[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shared Skills

Optimize[edit | edit source]

The Optimize button will automatically create a team based on a few specifications. These specifications include the dominant element desired and an emphasis on offense, defense, or balance. Additionally, there are options to remove adventurers, weapons, etc. from the automated optimization.

The Optimize function focuses on maximizing Might, which may be convenient to unlock quests, but will often give quirky results. For example, the Optimize function will not hesitate to pair wyrmprints that do not benefit the selected adventurer at all due to class locks. Therefore, while this function can be used for convenience, the player is strongly encouraged to evaluate teams created using Optimize to ensure it suits their needs before starting quests.

For best result when mixing multiple elements, hand pick the adventurers first, then choose Optimize for All without adventurers checked. This is most useful when you don't have a matching element healer for your team and still want the Optimize function to choose matching element dragons for all adventurers. Alternatively, choose a single element without adventurers checked for more single dragon element oriented team, even when you don't have powerful adventurers for the same element.

Collection[edit | edit source]

In the Collection menu, the player can see all of their adventurers, weapons, wyrmprints, and dragons in a larger window. Most notably, this is where unwanted items can be sold or unwanted dragons can be parted with. Wyrmprints (3 Icon Rarity 3.png and higher) and dragons are exchanged for Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies and Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater. Weapons and 2 Icon Rarity 2.png wyrmprints, however, can be sold for Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies only. Items must be unlocked and unequipped before they can be exchanged, and only 50 items can be exchanged at once.

If selling an 4 Icon Rarity 4.png or higher rarity, unbound, or augmented wyrmprint, weapon, or dragon, a warning message will be shown and you will have to permit the sale of such items at the confirmation window.

Sell values by rarity are listed below for 0UB items.

  • If an item is unbound, the amount of unbinds will be factored into the sale value (e.g. selling a 3UB 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragon will have the same value as selling 4 copies of a 5 Icon Rarity 5.png dragon.)
Wyrmprint/Dragon Rarity Rupies + Eldwater Gained
5 Icon Rarity 5.png Dragon Icon Resource Rupies.png x5,000 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x8,500
4 Icon Rarity 4.png Dragon Icon Resource Rupies.png x2,000 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x2,200
5 Icon Rarity 5.png Wyrmprint Icon Resource Rupies.png x5,000 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x3,000
4 Icon Rarity 4.png Wyrmprint Icon Resource Rupies.png x2,000 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x1,000
3 Icon Rarity 3.png Icon Resource Rupies.png x300 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x150
5 Icon Rarity 5.png Welfare Icon Resource Rupies.png x5,000 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x300
4 Icon Rarity 4.png Welfare Icon Resource Rupies.png x2,000 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x100
3 Icon Rarity 3.png Welfare Icon Resource Rupies.png x300 + Icon Resource Eldwater.png x10