Taiko Tandem

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Taiko Tandem

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* This vestige is unlocked after this Wyrmprint is unbound twice.


Put my back into it... Don't wave my arms too much... Man, taiko drumming is hard! But I'll keep going for tonight's festival! "Nice! Now summon up yer strength and let's bang these drums together!"

The festival music is gonna be great! "Hah! Hah! ...How 'bout that?! It was a pretty great performance, right?!" "All yer practice has really paid off. I can't wait to do it for real!"

Hah! Hah! Hah! Hey, everybody! Are you all having a good time?! "Me and Luca are playin' these drums with all we got, so let's get puuuumped out there! "Here...we...GOOOOOO! Hooooah!"

Ha ha ha! It's so fun to see everybody dancing and singing and shouting! I never want this festival to end! "I love yer passion, Luca, but save some strength for the grand finale here!"

Heave! Heave! Haaah! Haaaah! Haaaaaah! ...Wooo! The festival's a massive success! "Yeah, but we can't let it stop here, can we? Whaddaya say, everyone?! Ya want more?" "'Cause we're just gettin' STARTED!"

11 - 71
4 - 25
Base Min Might
Minimum HP + Minimum Str + Lv. 1 Ability Might75
Base Max Might
Does not include external buffs (e.g. Halidom, Dragons, etc.)

Max HP + Max Str + Total Max Lv. Ability Might
Icon Rarity Row 4.png
Icon Union 01.png Crown's BoonCrown's Boon
No. RequiredBonus
4 Skill Damage +10%
Cost to Buy
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x2,000
Duplicate ValueWhat will be received instead if a duplicate is obtained (through drops, event rewards, etc)
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x1,000
Japanese Name
Featured Characters
Obtained From
Release Date
June 30, 2019


Wyrmprint ability(ies) upgrade once after being unbound twice and again when fully unbound.

Increases the user's energy level by one stage for every 40-hit combo. (Might: 60)


Increases the user's energy level by one stage for every 35-hit combo. (Might: 70)


Increases the user's energy level by one stage for every 30-hit combo. (Might: 80)