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Here players can exchange   Eldwater for various Wyrmprints.

Wyrmprints are split into the following tabs:

  • Featured
  • 5  
  • 4  
  • 3  

The Featured tab contains newly-added Wyrmprints and Wyrmprints available for trade for a limited time. The Fully Unbound button displays the abilities of Wyrmprints when fully unbound.

Wyrmprint CostsEdit

The cost to purchase a Wyrmprint varies by its rarity. Once a wyrmprint is owned (whether through purchasing it, or through other means such as drops or endeavors), it will no longer appear for purchase in the shop.

Rarity Cost
5   4,000 
4   2,000 
3   200 

Prior to version 2.0, it was possible to purchase multiple copies of Wyrmprints from the shop:

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Copies currently held did not increase the cost. Only direct purchases from the shop would increment the cost for that specific Wyrmprint. From the sixth Wyrmprint onward, the amount of Eldwater required would reset, starting again with the amount required for the first trade.

Rarity 1st Copy 2nd Copy 3rd Copy 4th Copy 5th Copy
5   4,000  6,000  9,000  9,000  9,000 
4   2,000  3,000  4,000  4,000  4,000 
3   200  300  400  400  400