Shameful Pasts

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Shameful Pasts


110304 01 r04.pngVixel: My conducting today was simply awful. I did not make good use of each individual's talent, and the collective result was nothing short of a mess.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: It is so damnably frustrating!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Can't believe that audience member thought they could go at the boss like that.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: It really pisses me off!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: 110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Watch it!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: 110304 01 r04.pngVixel: ......

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: My apologies. You are Fritz from the circus troupe, are you not?

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: That's me. And you're that conductor guy named Vixel, yeah?

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Seems lke I heard you grumbling just now.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: I could say the same of you. Perhaps we're more alike than I suspected.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: And maybe you ain't the goody two-shoes I took you for at first.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Well, it seems we both have some issue bubbling under the surface. How very surprising.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: How so?

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: You are an entertainer; a man who lives always in the public eye.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: It's difficult for such a man to keep skeletons in his closet.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: And you're a conductor, which just makes you a different kind of entertainer.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: One needs more than surface knowledge to play first-rate music. There are certain... sacrifices that must be made.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: I hear that. Hell, I polished my dagger-throwing skills on living targets.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: It seems everyone has a story.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: And a few they'd rather keep hidden.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: So what was your deal, music man? Did you smash out church windows with iron pipes and hijack carriages like I did?

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: No—but I did used to walk around looking for any excuse to fight. Even the smallest of stray glances was enough for me.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Ha ha! I used to punch out any fool who even looked at me cross-eyed! In fact... Huh?

Woman: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to look at you! Please don't beat me with a pipe!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Who the—how long have you been standing there?!

Boy: I just wanted your autograph, mister...

Woman: And I wanted to give a gift to Vixel, but now I fear I've stumbled into a conversation most sordid and dire!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Uhhh... Give us one tick here.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Well, this ain't good.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: We'll need to talk our way out of this. You begin, and I will make sure that my story matches yours to a T.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: ...All right, you two. It's time to witness the true power of the circus.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Ladieeeees and geeeeentlement! Prepare for a magical, mystical, MARVELOUS circus unlike anything you've ever seen before!

Woman: Sweet Ilia! You're going to beat us about the head and shoulders with pipes!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Nobody's beatin' nobody with a pipe!...We're gonna show you a secret.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Er, yes. For you see, you have stumbled upon our secret plan to fuse the world of the circus with the world of music!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Right! And it turns out one of our ideas involves using daggers to smash stained glass into little bits.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: That's what we were discussing when you came up behind us. Apologies if we somehow gave the wrong impression.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Ah, but mere words are not enough. Let us show you a working version of our act to make it up to you!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: I will sing, while he throws daggers at targets in time to the music.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Naturally, he will not miss a single one. ...Er, right?

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: I never miss. Let's go!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: La la laaaaa! ♪

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Ha ha yaaah!

Boy: Okay, now I TOTALLY need your autograph!

Woman: I can't believe I'm hearing Vixel sing in person... My heart feels like it's going to thump right out of my chest! *siiigh*

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: We're glad you enjoyed our show. Do come again!

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: 110304 01 r04.pngVixel: ......

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Thanks for the save.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: It's been a long time since I've sung in front of a live audience, and I would prefer to put the experience behind me.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: What? Why? You were great.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Regardless, though we managed to worm our way out of trouble this time, we should be more careful in the future.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Our work may be different, but we both chose to live in the public eye.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: We cannot destroy the dreams they expect us to create.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Yeah, nobody wants to know the sordid details of a dagger-thrower's past.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Besides, I worked this hard so I could leave those bloody alleys behind me. I can't go slipping back now.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: I owe it to my fans AND myself.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Well said indeed. Let us continue to strive for excellence in all that we do!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: And on that note, I must cease lamenting my failures and return to my studies.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: Sounds like a plan to me.

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: ...Oh, but let's make sure to meet up in secret every now and then, yeah?

110276 01 r04.pngFritz: We can talk about our pasts, or maybe this new act we're putting together.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: New act...? Wait, you're serious?!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Hmm. Actually, that might be something of a lark, now that I think about it.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: And it could also be a truly dazzling show!