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Campaign: New Bonds
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Chapter 16 / 4-6
Icon Episode Title Summon.pngSetting Off
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When the party departs the Halidom, they are greeted by Chelle on her landship before setting off for North Grastaea. Even as the prince's heart is filled with expectation and unease, he swears to grow a great deal in the unfamiliar lands that await him.


100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: After parting with Leonidas and Chelle, we all began preparations for the journey.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: The hectic days melted away as we did our best to ensure things would proceed smoothly in our absence.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Finally, we set out from the Halidom, seen off by the soldiers who would defend the castle in our absence.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Everybody ready to go?

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: I've got a tiny suitcase for clothes and a huge suitcase for cake! ...That's how you're supposed to do it, right?

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: I've taught those remaining the proper ways to clean, do laundry, and handle kitchen work, so matters of the household should all be in order.

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: All I need is this axe and some grub, but when's that sister'a yers plannin' to show up? She's late as hell!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: And why did she insist we meet up in such a remote place as this?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Say, doesn't something about all of this feel familiar? Like we've done it before?

100010 05 base portrait.pngMym: Now that you mention it, yes.

100009 07 r05.pngZena: I don't really follow, I'm afraid.

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: A massive structure is approaching from ahead. Exercise caution. ▷Something's coming our way!◁

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: I remember this sound!

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: And I remember that darn shadow! We're all gonna be squashed!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: It's Chelle's landship!

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: Hurry up, Brother! If you stand there with your jaw agape any longer, you will draw flies and I shall be forced to leave you!

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: Eee hee hee! How does it feel to have another ride atop the Gran Fiore?

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Shocking, actually. I was thinking we were going to hoof it all the way to the north.

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: My dear, you've no right to call yourself a gentleman if you would coerce a lady into traveling all that way on FOOT.

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: With this mobile palace, we can travel to North Grastaea without exhausting a lick of our strength in the process.

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: And of course, we'll have banquets and dances to keep our spirits high!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: You're really something, Chelle. Seriously, I would have just walked.

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: Eee hee hee! Oh, you! Stop! ...But not really. Continue, please.

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: Ah! We should pass Valkaheim soon.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: We've already come that far? Wow. I suppose Leonidas is busy at work in the castle as we speak.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (Thank you, my brother. I swear not to let the time you've given me go to waste.)

100013 01 base portrait.pngLeonidas: Increase deployment on highways and in urban areas, and examine the times and routes of patrols. I want order restored to this country with all speed.

100013 01 base portrait.pngLeonidas: Also, take steps to build a surveillance network for watching the Ilian Church. If a fly sneezes in this land, I want to be informed how far it traveled.

Leonidas's Army Staff Officer: At once, sire.

100013 01 base portrait.pngLeonidas: (Alberia is troubled from within and without, but I will show no mercy to any who would threaten it.)

100013 01 base portrait.pngLeonidas: (Overcome what trials may come, my brother, and seize hold of the truth.)

100013 01 base portrait.pngLeonidas: (For this Nedrick man will stand astride your path as a wall divides a border...)

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrick: So the seventh scion is heading for Grams, is he?

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrick: This land is a bigger and more diverse place than South Grastaea.

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrick: He is but a tiny fish wading from the local rivers into a vast ocean; I wonder if he will find his way to the truth without being swallowed up by swells.

100039 01 base portrait.pngNedrick: And if he does manage to learn the truth, will he have the magnanimity to accept it? I will wait and see, but expect little.

100009 01 base portrait.pngZethia: (Brother...)

100009 01 base portrait.pngZethia: (I pray for a safe journey for you—and that we might be together once more.)

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: ......

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (I'm coming to where you are, Zethia. I'm coming to North Grastaea.)

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (And once I'm there, maybe I'll learn the answer to the riddle of who I am.)

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, and I'd give anything to have you with me during this journey.)

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (But I feel that if I can face who I am, new paths will open to me.)

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (I'm going to absorb as much as I can throughout this journey and find the strength to accept whoever I am.)

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (I'm sure that seeing new towns and meeting new people will broaden my horizons and learnings.)

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (I will grow. I will become stronger. And then...)

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Where ya at, Euden?!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: His Highness is nowhere to be found.

100005 01 r04.pngAlex: He was inside a little while ago.

100009 07 r05.pngZena: There he is!

100032 01 r04.pngLaxi: Euden located. ▷He's on the deck of the ship!◁

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Hey, boss! Quit with the lollygaggin' and get yer butt over here!

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Chelle wishes to propose a toast.

100010 05 base portrait.pngMym: Dance with me, darling!

100015 01 base portrait.pngChelle: It's time to begin this most thrilling send-off party, brother dear.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: I'll be back in a second, everyone.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: (Together with these irreplaceable friends, I'm going to rescue you. So just stay safe until then.)