Rolf's Big Day

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Rolf's Big Day


Also, portions of this story have been translated
from their original language.

Rolf's Big Day

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: Translation from original dog language: (Hi there! I'm Rolf. The lady giving me a bath right now is my partner, Laranoa.)

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Hold still, Rolf! I've gotta get in there and work these tangles out...

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (She was chosen to be the next chief of her village. Leading a pack is a lot of work, whether you walk on four OR two legs!)

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (The stress has gotten her down on more than one occasion. But ever since she came to this big castle here...)

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Heya, Laranoa. Bath time for the mutt?

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Yeah, we're going out soon. Want me to clean some of that stink off you, too? Hah!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Blaaaargh! You got dog water on me!

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Nya ha ha! C'mon, you left yourself wide open there.

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (This is Luca, Laranoa's old pal from when they were pups. Goofing off with him seems to help her stress level.)

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: So where you takin' the fuzzball?

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Oh, we've got a little date in town.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Wait, a date? Like, a DATE date?! Someone actually decided to put up with...all this?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: GYAAAA! He bit my butt!

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Hmph. Obviously Laranoa finds herself the subject of many people's affections.)

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Oh, my date is a real cutie, all right. ...Okay, Rolf! Time to wash the suds off.

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: *shake shake*

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (She called it a date, but it's not the kind of date Luca is thinking of.)

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: ...Woooo! Cold! Sweet! BRAIN FREEEZE! Man, this human ice cream is somethin' else, all right.

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Chatting and eating ice cream like this is all the rage among human girls!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Anyways, now that your brain is unfrozen, tell me a story of when Luccy was little.

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: A baby Luca story? Oh, I got tons of those. What flavor are you looking for?

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Well, since he's always SOOOO cool, I was hoping you knew a story where maybe he's more of a derp. Something to sorta contrast, you know?

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Oh, you have come to the right lady; I've got a SUPER embarrassing story about him! Okay, so one day...

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Heh. Laranoa sure looks to be enjoying all of this girl talk.)

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Her position as the next chief means she never really had time to hang out with other girls her age.)

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Ohmigosh, that is some serious Luccy dirt. I feel like my head is gonna burst!

110342 01 r05.pngChelsea: Hey, so what should we do next? I'm up for whatever!

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: I was actually hoping to check out the apothecary. You down?

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: ...That was fun! But I've got some things to take care of in the Mistholt, so let's meet back at the Halidom, yeah?

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: He should be picking herbs somewhere... Aha! There he is!


110318 01 r05.pngSylas: Must you? Honestly.

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (This fellow is another of Laranoa's childhood friends named Sylas. He always smells like rare plants.)

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (He's another resident of the Halidom, and he's researching aromatherapy uses for curing various illnesses.)

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Hey, I got that medicine you wanted, so take it and be grateful, ya dork.

110318 01 r05.pngSylas: This is exceptionally rare and valuable! You really found it for me?

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Nya ha ha! It's not that big a deal. Just a little side trip to help out an old childhood pal, is all.

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: I've finished gathering herbs, Sylas.

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Hey, it's Aeleen and Ricardt! You guys helping ol' plants-for-brains here?

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: We are indeed. In fact, the three of us are just about to participate in a group study session regarding medicinal plants.

110318 01 r05.pngSylas: These two have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to such plants. I thought a meeting of the minds might give rise to some fascinating discoveries.

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Ha ha! Man, I remember when you used to think sylvans and humans should keep their distance from each other.

110318 01 r05.pngSylas: Once, yes—but Luca changed all that. One can hardly hope to learn if they remain trapped in the same narrow outlook, after all.

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (There are several smells on Sylas besides just plants. I bet he's been gathering materials from all over the place.)

110318 01 r05.pngSylas: Ah, right! I also picked some dayflowers. Would you deliver them to the young artist for me? They will make excellent paints.

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: You mean Fleur? Sure, you got it. She's gonna love 'em!

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: Sit! Stay! ...Good doggy!

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (This girl who smells of paint is Fleur. She evidently aspires to be an artist.)

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Are you drawing Rolf, Fleur?

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: Yep! I made some really neat paints out of dayflowers and wanted to try 'em out.

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: Hey, I've got an idea—you and me should do a big collaboration!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Yeaaaaah, but I'm a singer. I don't really know much about paint and...stuff.

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: That's why we're gonna combine 'em! You sing, and then I'll use that as an inspiration for my painting.

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Ooo, that sounds like fun!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: Right?! There's lots of people in the castle with special skills, so I bet we could do tons of different collaborations.

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: It'll cross all the boundaries of genre and culture! Now THAT'S true art!

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Heh. It's great to see these young folks indulging their passions—although I'm getting a bit tired of modeling here.)

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: Oops! Rolf rolled onto his back!

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Enough painting. Tummy rubs!)

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: Well, I guess we'll just have to give up on painting Rolf for now, and instead... Hee hee!

110302 01 r04.pngPia: H-hey! I wanna snuggle his tummy, too!

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Yesss... Obey your instincts, and bask in my fuzziness until your hearts are full.)

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Dinnertime, everybody! ...Oh my gosh, Rolf. You are SHAMELESS.

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Arooo! The evening meal is my favorite time of day here at this castle.)

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (It's where folks of all races from all parts of the world eat, talk, and make friends.)

110318 01 r05.pngSylas: So this is a natural Hinomotoan remedy, hmm? I'm deeply curious to know what manner of ingredients it contains.

110348 01 r04.pngHanabusa: I'm happy to share some, if you like. Er, but it's a medicine I use for my stomachaches, so I can't spare TOO much.

110319 01 r04.pngFleur: Su Fang! Su Fang! I wanna see some star-shaped pyroblossoms pleeeease!

110314 01 r04.pngSu Fang: Well, that sounds like quite the fun time. Shall we come up with a color pattern for them together?

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Each of these people has a dream, and with the help of all their friends, I'm sure they'll make them a reality.)

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (Laranoa and I have grown a lot over the years, and seen many new things.)

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (But now we're ready to grow even more— not only together, but along with all the fine people here at the castle.)

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Ha! You said it, Rolf!

110317 01 r05.pngLaranoa: Oh, and there's a leftover bone with some meat on it here. Interested?

120116 01 base portrait.pngRolf: (YES! YES YES YES! I'M A VERY GOOD BOY!)