Primed Devastation +5%

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Primed Devastation +5%
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Increases the critical rate of the adventurer you are currently controlling by 5% for 5 seconds every time their initial skill, displayed at the top of their skill list, becomes available for use. After activating, this ability will not activate again for 15 seconds.

Primed Abilities will only work for your units in coop (they will not grant a buff to other players). Primed Abilities will not trigger if the skill is available before the cooldown period has completed.
Might Value
Generic Name
Wyrmprint Ability Cap

Adventurers With This Ability

Wyrmprints With This Ability

There are no wyrmprints with this ability.

Dragons With This Ability

There are no dragons with this ability.

Weapons With This Ability

There are no weapons with this ability.