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When Entering Dragon's Roost
Ooh hoo hoo! Welcome, welcome!
I'm tickled pink to see you again, young'un!
What a fine day. Take 'er easy, now!
After Receiving a Gift
Go on and take this. I'm sure it'll be of some use to you!
This here's a token of my appreciation. See that you make good use of it, now!
After Bond Level Increase
Ooh hoo! Fear not, young'un— I'll lend you m'strength!
Ooh hoo hoo! Splendid, splendid! I can tell you're one'a them natural leaders!
Idle After Bond Level 1
I'm a long way off retirement yet, so leave fightin' fiends to me!
I seem to be wakin' up earlier lately. Must be cause'a some changes in mana...
Your courage reminds me of him. ...You know who I mean!
Idle After Bond Level 10
Can't hardly wait for the next Lunar New Year. Dancing at the festival's what I live for!
Why not stay and talk a little more? I could spin some tales of the ancient East if you like!
This castle's full'a life—which is just how a place full of young whippersnappers should be!
Idle After Bond Level 20
Your passion's reached me, young'un. Go on and use m'power however you see fit.
I'm expectin' fine things from you. Now go bring peace'n glory to this land!
Hope I can hold on a little longer; I wanna see what the future holds in store for you!

Dragon Story Episodes
An Eastern Tale

This is a tale from the distant past of seven or eight hundred years ago. ...Or it might'a been more like a thousand years! But who's countin'?

In that time, the eastern continent was overrun by a terrible war. Society, people, and the land itself were all sufferin'.

And then, mysterious calamities struck and caused floodin' all across the land, turnin' even the calmest stream into a ragin' torrent.

When the damage finally reached my home, I used m'powers to set everything to rights.

But the humans who'd been driven from their homes came to me and begged to be allowed to live in m'land of plenty.

I had no interest in humans back then. They were all a buncha durn fools what fought each other over piddlin' matters and then looked to me to bail 'em out of it.

...Still, they WERE mighty respectful when they came to me. And that makes a feller feel right good.

Before I knew it, I'd not only agreed to let 'em settle on m'land, but I pretty much became their leader.

Ooh hoo hoo! Yessir, I got up to quite the tricks in m'youth, so I did! Er, but lemme get back to the story...

Well, the more I used m'strength, the more folks flocked to me. Soon, this place became a great nation in its own right—which suited me just fine, so it did.

I felt so good about m'self, I decided to go ahead and expand this new nation of mine. Ah, but that's where I ended up eatin' crow...

Now, where was I? Ah, yes! Folks had showed up to rally 'round me, and we'd become a great nation.

In order to provide for all them folks, I was tryin' to expand the realm out to the other side of the mountains. But that's when somethin' unexpected occurred...

I found a village in the mountains! Wasn't on any map and probably shouldn't have been there...but there it was.

Well, I thought this new village would be willin' to prostrate themselves before a mighty dragon like m'self. Ah, I really was full'a beans and foolishness back then...

But when I went to the village, I found out I wasn't nearly so strong as I thought. Heck, they wouldn't even let me through the durn gate!

The people of the village joined hands and formed a barrier so strong it could even hold off a dragon. Yessir, that there was the village of the Qilin tribe.

Well, they got to yellin' at me, calling me a prideful dragon and tellin' me to repent. And I took it to heart, so I did.

I realized that humans weren't just a buncha puny runts—they could be terribly strong, so long as they worked together and cooperated with one another.

Once I healed the land and formed a nation, my work was done. And when I realized this, I retired to the depths of the mountains and got to watchin' over humanity in secret.

Some time later, I chanced upon a certain member of the Qilin who was settin' out on a journey...but that's a tale for another time, so it is!