Original Feast

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Original Feast


110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Huh? The Vernal Banquet?

Vernal Banquet Newbie

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: I've never heard of one of those. Can you make money off it?

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: Ah, yes. I forgot that you were raised by a traveling human and are not familiar with the Vernal Banquet.

Archer & Banquet Pro

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: The Vernal Banquet is a festival held once a year by sylvans who come together from all over the continent to celebrate spring.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: The various villages each show off their skills in competitions such as egg hunts and archery contests, and winning them is a source of great pride indeed.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Sooo NOT a way to make money.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Oh, there is money to be had for certain! The Banquet has a market featuring local foods and goods—it is a way for people to promote their specialties with aplomb.

Avid Banquet Foodie

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: The people of my hometown used to work together to make loads of specialty goods for this market!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Although it has been a while, so I cannot swear such is still the case.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: Likewise. When I lost my hometown, the Banquet ceased to mean as much.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: Be that as it may, I imagine the atmosphere at the Banquet would very much be to a merchant's liking.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Promoting your hometown...

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Francesca? What is the matter?

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: I'm fine! I was just thinking, it would be cool if I could help promote the Halidom...

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Er, I mean... Never mind! I said nothing! La de dum de dooo...

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Yep! Whooole lotta nothing being said by this lady. Anyway, gotta fly!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: ...Do you think she's planning to participate in the Vernal Banquet?

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: It would not be a surprise—it IS a rather universal sylvan experience, after all.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: In that case, maybe we should help her enjoy it. You know—as fellow long-ears.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: A fine idea. In that case, let us go learn some specialties of the Halidom before the Banquet gets underway.

And so, the pair scoured the castle
seeking out specialties of the Halidom...

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: I must say, I did not expect finding Halidom specialties to be so difficult. Perhaps we need to— Egads!

210065 01.pngMoon Drake: Heeey! If you're looking for the Halidom's specialties, how about us? You won't find this many dragons in one spot anywhere else!

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: While I am grateful for the suggestion, you are friends and colleagues of the Halidom, not spectacles to be goggled at.

210022 01.pngCinder Drake: Wait, we're friends? YAAAAAAAAY! In that case, you can have some scales. THOSE are a Halidom-exclusive item for sure, right?

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: We will accept them with thanks.

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: If you guys are looking for Halidom specialties, you've come to the right vegetable garden.

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: Lucky for you, it's harvest time! You can have thiiis... And thiiis... Oh, and a few of theeeese...

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Please slow down, Aeleen! We only have so many hands!

110029 01 r04.pngAeleen: I can't help it! Everybody brought plants from their own corners of the world, and it would be wrong to leave any out. ...Oh, you HAVE to take this one here!

110300 01 r04.pngPipple: Pipple pip!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Let us try to confine ourselves to non-sentient vegetables, mmm?

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: So you want Halidom specialties? In that case...um...maybe...THESE!

110047 01 r03.pngAlthemia: Yes! Take this old book, as well as this antique I found in the Halidom one day! Oh, and don't forget the castle ITSELF is an artifact of some value and significance!

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: Er, yes. As we are trying to sell these at the market, we need things we can actually carry. Also, are you sure you want to part with these other items?

110067 01 r03.pngVida: Hey, I've got an idea! How about this?!

110067 01 r03.pngVida: Ta-daaaah! One Halidom knife! It's great for a seasoned knife pro or a beginner to the slashy arts. I'm fine parting with it since it's not the legendary knife.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Wasn't this yours originally? Er, I mean, this is wonderful. Thank you.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: ...And that is how we ended up with this wide hodgepodge of items.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Vegetables, a knife, an old book, a cake, tempered weapons, embroidered clothes... Oh, and the autograph of a certain vain king.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: We also have a homemade makeup kit and a knitted "Luccy" doll—with still more items on the way.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: It is a ridiculous amount of items—and yet none of them really scream "this is the Halidom's specialty" to me.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Saaaay, what are you two up to? ...Sakes alive, look at all the loot! What the hey are you doing with all this stuff?

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Well, you mentioned wanting to show off the Halidom's specialties earlier, so we gathered some up for you.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Wait, for ME?

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: Yes. We thought it might be nice if you could participate in the Banquet.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: But while we have quite a wide variety of items, I fear we failed to find a true specialty of the Halidom.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Oh, thank you both SO MUCH! I'm sure this will be enough to show everyone our Halidom pride!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Er, but which are you going to use? There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this pile of items.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Which is GREAT! Now watch and learn...

Together: ?

The Vernal Banquet

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: We set up the stall just as you asked, but is this really what you want?

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Indeed, none of the other stalls seem to have quite so...scattered a selection.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: You're just gonna have to trust my ol' merchant judgment. Speaking of which, here come the customers now!

Young Sylvan: What am I gonna check out this year? Aohri Village's mushroom pie? Or maybe Rustu Village's crafts!

Young Sylvan: ...Huh? "The Halidom?" Where's that? I've never heard of it.

Young Sylvan: Excuse me, but could I take a look at your—AAAAAH!

Young Sylvan: I've been looking for this book forever! And check out the craftsmanship on this... Augh! Augh! This scale! So shiny!

Young Sylvan: E-excuse me, madam! This thread is a specialty of my village—might I trade it for this dragon scale here?

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Ah, you've quite the discerning eye, sir! Very well, that seems a fair trade. Thank you for your custom!

Sylvan Woman: *sniff* I know that scent! It's the newest makeup collection from the famed beautician, isn't it?!

Sylvan Man: Excuse me, but someone said this stall is selling a bunch of rare vegetables?

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: My stars and garters! They just keep coming!

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: That's because we've got everything! When a ton of different folks live together under one roof, it means you have a ton of unusual things to sell.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: THIS is what I meant when I talked about showing off the specialties of the Halidom.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Now come one, come all! We're packed to the gills with goods recommended by the Halidom's many residents!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Whew! I think we've finally hit a lull. Goodness, but I am simply BEAT!

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: That's proof of a satisfying day, I'd say. So then, Francesca—what did you think of your first Vernal Banquet?

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: It was SUPER fun! Thanks to you guys, everyone has a better idea of what the Halidom is all about.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: ...Plus, it's given me a look at how all these folks feel about the place they call home.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: A hometown is more than just a place where you're from—it's a source of pride, comfort, and spirit.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: I recall those feelings from the days when I used to attend the Banquet.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: And I as well. I thought I'd have nothing to do with the Banquet once I lost my own home, and yet find myself pleased to have come here today.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: If you like, Francesca, you could come again next year as the official representative of the Halidom.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: HECK YEAH, I'M COMING!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: You seem rather more excited about this than I would have suspected.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Are you kidding me? Since everyone here uses barter instead of money, I'm loaded with goods from villages far and wide.

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: I'm gonna sell, sell, sell until there's gold pouring outta my EARS!

110026 01 r03.pngFrancesca: Yesss... Moneeeey! Sweet, sweet, money!

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: Goodness, but you are a merchant to your core! Still, I'm glad you had fun.

110031 01 r04.pngEleonora: It was certainly a Banquet that represented we people of the Halidom.

110013 01 r03.pngWaike: And I cannot wait for the next one!