Maiden Mishaps

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Maiden Mishaps


110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Hee hee! I finally got my hands on some! One whiff of this, and the prince is going to be aaall miiine... Excuse me! I'd like to order some tea and pancakes, please.

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: There are so many people in here... Will I even find a seat?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Oh, Cibella! Come over here; I've got spare seats at my table!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: What a coincidence to find you here. Did you stop by after some shopping?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Yep! I got an early start this morning, so I'm exhaaaausted. What about you? You've sure got a lot of bags.

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: I have been shopping for a great many things as well.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Okay, come on—there has to be a seat SOMEWHERE. I'm STARVING over here!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Is that Melody?! Boy, it's one coincidence after another today! ...Hey! Over here!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Hey, girls! Mind if I join you?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Not at all! ...Excuse me? Could we have two more cups of tea, please?

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: And I will have a slice of cheesecake.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Shortcake for me!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: Are you here on an errand for Cleo, Melody?

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Yep—although I DID dip into my savings and buy a little reward for myself. Hee!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: So we're all here to shop, then? Hmm... That gives me an idea! We don't have anything to do until our orders come, so why don't we show each other what we bought?

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: That sounds like fun!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: I would not be opposed.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: All right, I'll go first. This is the current talk of the town—Vinelle's perfume!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Ooo, I've heard of that stuff— it's supposed to drive boys wild!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: It better at the price I paid for it! But no cost is too steep if it means I land the prince's heart.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Can I smell it?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Sure, I don't see why not.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: *sniff* AAAAUUUGH! IT BUUUURNS!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: What? No, that can't be right. *sniff* Blaaargh! It smells like Ranzal's old socks!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: *sniff* Urk! W-well, it certainly is a... powerful scent. This is not going to drive a boy wild so much as drive him certifiably mad.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Which means my plan is a failure!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: Now now, I don't think all is lost just yet. Perhaps you could use it to train yourself to fight in noxious-smelling caves.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: That is NOT comforting!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: Er...perhaps it would keep fiends away from the prince?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: It's supposed to be ALLURING! Ugh. Still, thanks for trying to cheer me up, but I guess there's nothing for it. Anyway, you're next, Cibella!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: I purchased a set of dumbbells that were used by a famous guild of warriors.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Wow. That's dedication!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: I'm still quite inexperienced as a warrior, so I must work to get better.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: I really admire that you're trying so hard to make up for your shortcomings. I want to be more like that!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: I bought some other things, as well. Let us see what we have... Heavy bronze bracelets... Cursed boots that weigh a thousand pounds... A solid-steel jump rope...

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Wow. You bought a LOT.

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: And therein lies the problem. I don't think I have the stamina to carry all of this back to the castle! Whatever should I do now?

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Return it all. ...Except the dumbbells.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: I think you bought too much for even the three of us to carry back!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: I feared I may have overdone it. I shall be more careful in the future.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Aw, don't let it get you down. But if it doooes... You can cheer yourself up with the porcelain doggy I bought!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: That's the reward you mentioned buying for yourself, right? Must be pretty cute!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: You bet! As soon as I saw him in the shop, I knew I HAD to have him. Let me show you what... NOOOOOOOOO!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Ack! What's wrong?!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: He's just a decapitated head!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: What are you talking about?

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: Your shopping bag looks to be full of porcelain fragments.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Oh no... Your doggy!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Noooo! Mr. Woofers!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: I bet you tripped and fell on your way over here, huh?

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Whaaat?! How did you know?! Oh, WHY am I such an oaf?! Well, he's still too cute to throw away, so I guess I'll just put this head up on my dresser when I get home.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: What?! No! That's SUPER creepy! Just go buy another one.

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: I'll pray that he reaches doggy heaven.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: *sniff* Thanks...

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Honestly, it sounds like all of our shopping trips ended up as disasters. I don't want to go home empty handed, so I'm going to find a different perfume— one that doesn't peel paint from the wall.

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: And after I return everything, I'm going to pick up some nutritional herbs.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: I'm going to buy another doggy and NOT break it!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Why don't the three of us go shopping together once we're done here?

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: That's a splendid idea; we can cover for one another and avoid any more disasters.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Shopping trip, take two!

Together: Yeah!

Staff: Thank you for waiting. I've brought you three cups of tea, some pancakes, cheesecake, and shortcake.

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: But before we shop... *munch* These pancakes are so big and fluffy!

110014 01 r03.pngCibella: This cheesecake melts in my mouth.

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: *munch* *horf* Thif fortcake if fo good!

110028 01 r03.pngPhilia: Hmm. Now I'm curious what your cakes taste like. So why don't we all swap dishes?! After tasting defeat, I think we deserve a bit of sweetness in our lives.

Cibella & Melody: Yeah!