Leaf Shield

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Leaf Shield

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Equips Mega Man with the special "Leaf Shield" weapon, allowing him to create a Leaf Shield by tapping the screen once. After a Leaf Shield has been created, tapping the screen again will shoot it in the direction of enemies, or it will be shot automatically after enough time has passed. Leaf Shield deals 4 hits of 100% Flame damage to surrounding enemies.
While this weapon is equipped, Mega Man's attacks will consume the weapon gauge until it is exhausted, at which point the weapon will be unequipped. While this skill is active, tapping the icon again will switch Mega Man's weapon back to the Mega Buster. This skill is not affected by Skill Prep, Skill Haste, Energy, Inspiration, and Skill Damage.
SP Cost
Amount a skill needs to be charged before the skill can be cast.
Shared SP Cost
Amount a skill needs to be charged before the skill can be cast as a shared skill.

Max Ammo
Maximum Ammo that can be held at a time
Ammo Usage
Ammo expended per use of this skill
Camera Duration
After casting a skill, Camera Duration is the amount of time the camera zooms in on the user during the skill animation.
1 second(s)
Affected by Energized
Stacks 50% additively with other Attack Skills and Recovery Potency boost modifiers. Resets on use or being afflicted.

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