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When Entering Dragon's Roost
Let's put some energy into that hello, shall we?
Good morning. Did you sleep well?
*sigh* You'd be hopeless without me.
After Receiving a Gift
A gift? For ME?! Aww, you didn't have to do that.
Well, if you insist, I suppose I'll accept it.
After Bond Level Increase
I worry when I'm not there to keep an eye on you.
At this point, we're family.
Idle After Bond Level 1
Humans are so frail—I have to work overtime keeping you alive!
Thank you for forming a pact with me. It's much appreciated.
I was expecting a spoiled little rich boy...but you're not half-bad.
Idle After Bond Level 10
You're still just a child, so I need to keep close watch over you.
Rrgh... Everybody's treating me like a child. It's not fair!
Good kids need looking after, same as the troublemakers.
Idle After Bond Level 20
I know you have to fight, but... Look, just don't make me worry, all right?
It's thanks to you that we can all enjoy this peace.
Bored, Euden? I'll play with you!

Dragon Story Episodes
The Children's Country

There once was a regular boy in a

regular town. One day, the boy's

parents were lost to the fires of war,

and he found himself without a place

that he could call home.

The boy found himself wandering

alone through the deep, dark woods.

But just when all hope seemed lost,

he stumbled upon a creature he had

never before seen.

It was a dragon hatchling no older

than the boy himself. "Follow me,"

said the hatchling before proceeding

to lead the boy deeper into the


They emerged in a clearing filled

with orphans just like the boy.

As days and months passed, they

learned to fish and hunt, to gather

wild fruit, and to survive as one.

The hatchling named this community

"the Children's Country" and said

they could all live there forever

without the help of any adults.

Winter came that year—a winter

fiercer than any had seen in an age.

To combat the cold, the residents of

the Children's Country huddled

around the hatchling for warmth.

Men and women froze by the score in

towns around the forest, but not a

single orphan child was lost—for the

hatchling's body was infused with fire

mana that burned without end.

Yet children grow up fast, and before

long, the orphans of the woods had

become young adults who were both

clever and strong.

But a country of children cannot last

without children to people it, and so

the end of the community seemed to

be just around the corner...

The young orphans who lived in

the place the hatchling called "the

Children's Country" grew up into

fine, healthy young adults.

One day, a group of soldiers heard

a rumor about a bunch of children

who'd made a home in the woods,

and quickly searched them out.

"None may dwell in this kingdom

without paying taxes to the crown,"

they said. "And as you clearly have

no coin, all of you must repay your

debt with military service."

Once the soldiers left, the orphans

and hatchling quickly made to leave,

for none of them wanted anything to

do with the foolish wars of men.

Once they were packed, the orphans

found themselves nervous and

unsure. "Where will we go?" they

asked. "Is there even a place where

war does no exist?"

The hatchling, however, refused to

let them lose hope. "Worry not!" she

said. "There must be a ruler in this

world who hates war as we do, and

we will seek them out together!"

And so, the orphans and hatchling

left their home. How will the story

end? The only one who can decide

that is Euden.