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Formula[edit | edit source]

The current estimated healing formula is:

\frac{(0.16 * HP + 0.06 * STR) * Potency\ % * Potency\ Buffs\ %}{Raid\ Adjustment} * Element\ Heal\ Adjustment * Healing\ Spread\ %

\frac{(0.16 * {\color{PineGreen}HP} + 0.06 * {\color{BrickRed}STR}) * {\color{Emerald}Potency\ %} * {\color{MidnightBlue}Potency\ Buffs\ %}}{{\color{Purple}Raid\ Adjustment}} * {\color{Rhodamine}Element\ Heal\ Adjustment} * Healing\ Spread\ %

Modifiers within the same variable are additive.

Note that Max HP buffs, such as 110257 01 r04.png Lowen's skill Icon Skill 031.png Winds, Protect Us!, and Passive Heals such as Icon Ability 1010011.png Healing Doublebuff I, do NOT use the healing formula and instead are purely dependent on your Maximum HP. Thus, they do not receive any bonuses from Recovery Potency, Strength, or Element matching bonuses. These heals also do not suffer from the 75% reduction in raid content. Specifically, heals from Max HP buffs do not have any RNG elements, and will heal you for the same amount every time.

Variable Descriptions[edit | edit source]


The healer's Max HP. Normally the HP of the Adventurer

  • This value is different in dragonform, and does not use the Adventurer's HP. Instead it uses the Dragon Transformation HP, which is calculated according to the following formula, where CEILING[ ] indicates you round the final value within the [ ] up before using it in calculations outside the [ ].

CEILING\{\ (CEILING[\ 9999 * (1 + Altar Boost + Dojo Boost + Event Facility Boost)\ ] + CEILING[\ Dragon Base HP * 1.5\ ] + CEILING[\ Dragon Base HP * 1.5 * Fafnir Facility Boost) * (1 + Dragon HP Aura)\ \}

  • Remove the factor of 1.5x from the 2nd and 3rd terms if Dragon and Adventurer do not match elements
  • Dragon Base HP is the HP shown on the Dragon's details screen (not including the fafnir bonus)
  • Dragon HP Aura is the same element HP boost present on some dragons such as Phoenix or High Mercury, if no HP aura then this is equal to 1
  • The Altar, Dojo and Event Facility boosts used are based on the element of the ADVENTURER and NOT the Dragon, whereas the Fafnir bonus used is based on the element of the Dragon


The healer's total Strength. This value is always the value of the adventurer, it does not change when you transform. However, it is still calculated in the same way as for the Damage Formula and therefore still receives boosts from buffs and co-abilities.


The base recovery potency modifier on a skill. (e.g. 110006 01 r03.png Aurien's Icon Skill 029.png Healer's Luck Lv. 1 has 72% Recovery Potency.)

Potency Buffs %

Any Boost to your healing potency, such as Co-Ability, Abilities, Active Buffs, or Energize

Element Heal Adjustment

Increases heals to adventurers of the same element by 20% (to 120% total). Has no effect otherwise.

Healing Spread %

This is the inherent RNG Variance of the healing formula. This ranges from 95% to 105%, but for simple calculations, assuming 100% is sufficient.

Raid Adjustment

Value that varies depending on the content. For normal content, this value is 1. For raids, this value is 4.

Healing Calculator[edit | edit source]

Potency %
Potency Buff %
Active Strength Buff %
Healing CoAbility %
Strength CoAbility %
Same Element?
Check for yes.
Check for yes.
Include Healing Over Time?
Check for yes.
Total Heal