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When Entering Dragon's Roost
So you've come, have you? Very well. Now entertain me!
What shall we speak of today? Shall I regale you with my history?
You who bears my same ambition, let us speak without reservation.
After Receiving a Gift
I give this to you. Accept it with care.
I must give a gift befitting of a king.
After Bond Level Increase
Come. Let me guide you with my light.
You shall govern this world as my representative.
Idle After Bond Level 1
All who oppose the king are shadow, and I will not abide shadow to stand before me.
It is easy to conquer others. True challenges always emerge from within.
Do you have what it takes to surpass my legend?
Idle After Bond Level 10
Nothing ignites my soul more than a fight where my life is on the line.
May your actions also leave their mark on history.
Do you also have a friend who shares your ambition?
Idle After Bond Level 20
Your body houses a great soul; I see I was right to place my expectations on you.
It is because life is fleeting that it shines so brightly. This is a lesson you taught me.
Partings are always tragic, which is precisely why the present is so precious.

Dragon Story Episodes
The King of Light

In the south of Grastaea, there is not

a soul alive who does not know well

the legend of the king of kings—

the legend of Gilgamesh.

He was a dragon from the distant

past; a king who ruled the capital,

wielding great power and consuming

all with his glorious appetites.

However, there was a barrier to his

having all he desired: his nemesis,


Gilgamesh confronted his enemy

time and again in an effort to force

him to yield.

As their life-threatening clashes

continued apace, a strange sort

of friendship eventually formed.

Soon they were close as brothers.

Now Gilgamesh TRULY hungered for

all life had to offer. The two traveled

the world on great adventures,

defeating fiends, and acquiring

power to surpass even the gods.

So long as Gilgamesh and Enkidu

were together, neither one knew fear.

Instead, they laughed and swore to

conquer the world for themselves.

The pair believed their future was

o'erflowing with light. And yet,

something finally occurred which

left them separated.

For one day, Gilgamesh's one

and only friend, Enkidu, died.

Gilgamesh cut a way through the

royal road with a blade of light and

created a path of radiance, yet

even his great power could not

overcome the cold of the grave.

His heart crushed, Gilgamesh fell into

darkness. Without his only friend,

his ambitions waned, and he could

not see the point in anything.

His world—once filled with light—

became as the darkest night,

and he stayed in this darkness

for age upon age.

Having lost all hope, King Gilgamesh

fell into darkness, staying there for

ages uncountable. And while therein,

he heard the whisper of many voices.


They were the voices of the people.

Though reluctant to move a muscle,

Gilgamesh opened his eyes, and

discovered the world still overflowed

with light as it always had.

Having lost all faith in this world,

he had turned his eyes from reality.

But the world still gazed at the

unparalleled king with hope in its


For this, too, was a part of his fate.

The radiant road Gilgamesh had to

walk continued far into the distance,

and he yearned for his late friend

while gazing at the light before him.

Their struggles... Their laughter...

Their very future itself...

It would never be found in the dark.

Instead, it existed only before his

eyes, as radiant as the dawn.

At last, Gilgamesh realized the soul

of his fallen friend was not to be

found in the darkness. Instead,

he would only find it in the world

of brilliant light.

Enkidu's soul lived on in the ideals

they created together, and so

Gilgamesh no longer had any

reason to look away.

He would move toward a future of

endless light and embrace the past.

For when Gilgamesh took up his

sword, the world was once again

filled with hope and joy.

From that point, Gilgamesh moved

ever forward, and tales of his deeds

became legends that are even now

passed down throughout southern