Family Meeting

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Family Meeting


100029 01 base portrait.pngSarisse: Hey! That was MY apple, you big dumb APPLE THIEF!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Gya! Are you trying to kill me?! Also, how was I supposed to know you'd claimed that particular apple? It's not as if your name was on it!

100029 01 base portrait.pngSarisse: Oh, so now I have to write my name on everything I don't want you horfing down?! If you're so hungry, I've got a knuckle sandwich for you right here!

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Whoa, calm down, tiger! I mean, I'm a thousand percent with you on this, but let's maybe take it easy on the ol' violence. Be careful with that apple thief! He's the only brother you've got, so you don't wanna break him! ...Ugh. Those two are ex-HAUSTING. I need to go catch my breath.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: It is rare to see you alone.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Oh. Heya, Midgardsormr.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Is something amiss, child? You lack your usual vigor.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: I was trying to break up another of Sarisse and Luca's spats, but... Well, you know how they are. I tell you, family can be one heck of a ride. I mean, I ASSUME it can be? I don't actually know any of my own relatives. To be honest, I envy those two a little. What's it like, Midgardsormr? Having a family, I mean.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: A difficult question...

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: I hear dragons and faeries are supposed to be distant relatives, you know?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: I have also heard as much.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Hey, I'm getting a brilliant idea! You and me shou—

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: No.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: No, hear me out: we can pretend to be gramps and granddaughter and see what it's REALLY like to have a family!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: I take it I am "gramps" in this scenario?

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: What, you'd rather be the granddaughter? I mean, it's a little weird, but I'm down.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: I have lived for untold ages and been known by a thousand names, but none have ever called me..."gramps."

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Yeah, sorry. It's just that... Well, I don't really know any other faeries I can ask. There's nobody I can claim a blood relation to except you dragons. *sniff*

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: ...Oh, very well. If it will lift your spirits, I will indulge you. But only for a moment.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Yaaay! Thanks, Gramps! Hey, Graaaamps? Grampa Miiiiids?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: ...What?

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: I brought some berries I picked to share with my favorite grandpa!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Er...thank you.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Open wiiide!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Given your size, I worry I may swallow you along with the fruit.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Eeek! Nevermind. I mean, I love berries, but not quite to death. ...Sorry, berries. Oh, hey, I know! Let's switch and have YOU feed ME! Ready? Aaaaaaaah...

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Do you truly wish me to hand-feed you?

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Actually, no. To be honest, this whole idea kinda got away from me there. You know, we spent the whole day trying, but I'm not sure we were doing it right. Like, that business with the berries kinda strayed out of gramps and granddaughter zone and right into the couples zone. And I mean, you're a very nice dragon— and handsome in a lizard-y kind of way— but I just see you as a friend. Sorry.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: What is this bizarre feeling of rejection...? Enough! We digress. Do you at least feel that you have gleaned some insight into the nature of family?

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Nope! Not even a little bit. I did learn SOMETHING, though.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: And what is that?

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Even the dumbest game of make-believe can be a lot of fun with the right friend! I didn't learn a darn thing about family, but I DID have a blast not learning it! Blood's not the only kind of family: I can laugh and cry and whatever with people I love just as easily. AND I can get in dumb fights over fruit and make up afterwards—pretty close to Luca and Sarisse, huh?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: That's quite a lot of nothing you've learned. Hear me, Notte: It was not their blood that allowed them to make amends—it was a deep mutual understanding. All living things can forge bonds and find connection with one another. At times, even bonds stronger than blood. Those are treasures to be cherished.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: Yeah! I mean, Euden and Zethia and all those guys are all like family to me already, right? Maybe even more important than family! ...I'm including you in that, Midgardsormr. Aw, thanks, buddy. I feel a lot better now. Well, it's gotten pretty dark out, so I should head back to the castle.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Very well. Take care, little faerie.

100007 01 base portrait.pngNotte: I will! Thanks again for teaching me all that junk today. Sleep tight, Gramps!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: ...Heh. I don't mind the sound of that nearly as much as I should.