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There are limited events in Dragalia Lost which feature exclusive event-only rewards as well as rare materials such as Twinkling Sand.

  • Raid Events - Events where players fight a colossal enemy that can only be challenged while playing Co-op, with up to four players and a total of sixteen adventurers.
  • Facility Events - Events where players can acquire certain Facilities that can only be obtained and upgraded through these events.
  • Story Events - Events where players can experience various unique stories that can only be unlocked through materials gained from this event. Materials are gained from campaign and event quests.
  • Defensive Battles - Events where players cooperate to defend a gate from waves of enemy forces. Victory is obtained through surviving through a set period of time or by defeating the boss

Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

No upcoming event has been announced.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

Facility Event: Flames of Reflection/January 2020
Banner Flames of Reflection.png
January 14, 2020 06:00:00 AM UTC - January 23, 2020 05:59:00 AM UTC
Three sisters work together to forge weapons at the Halidom's smithy. There's , who is dependable and responsible, , who is kind and calm, and , who is cheerful and a bit of a dreamer.
Blacksmiths work behind the scenes to support the battles, but even they have a story! This is the heated tale of three women striving to reach greater heights as blacksmiths!

Exclusive Event Rewards:

- Facility: Arctos Monument

Events Archive[edit | edit source]