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There are limited events in Dragalia Lost which feature exclusive event-only rewards as well as rare materials such as Twinkling Sand.

  • Raid Events - Events where players fight a colossal enemy that can only be challenged while playing Co-op, with up to four players and a total of sixteen adventurers.
  • Facility Events - Events where players can acquire certain Facilities that can only be obtained and upgraded through these events.
  • Story Events - Events where players can experience various unique stories that can only be unlocked through materials gained from this event. Materials are gained from campaign and event quests.
  • Defensive Battles - Events where players cooperate to defend a gate from waves of enemy forces. Victory is obtained through surviving through a set period of time or by defeating the boss

Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

Defensive Event: Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes/April 2020
Banner Fire Emblem Lost Heroes.png
April 20, 2020 06:00:00 AM UTC - March 31, 2020 02:53:38 AM UTC
Heroes from another world are thrust into the world of Dragalia Lost! As two princes clash, a bewitching emissary launches an attack with the Imperial army. It's the power to open otherworldly gates versus Dragonblood in this meeting of two realms. With Heroes, motivations, and alliances intertwined, what will become of this world?

Exclusive Event Rewards:
- Adventurer: Alfonse

Raid Event: Scars of the Syndicate/March 2020
File:Banner Scars of the Syndicate.png
March 31, 2020 06:00:00 AM UTC - April 13, 2020 05:59:59 AM UTC
A man named Aldred stands against the prince, swearing to exact his revenge as a terrifying power swells within his body. A mysterious organization known as the Syndicate operates in secrecy behind the scenes. As a multitude of motives intertwine, a calamitous monster appears from the otherworld...

Exclusive Event Rewards:
- Adventurer: Aldred

Current Events[edit | edit source]

There are currently no ongoing events.

Events Archive[edit | edit source]