Evening of Luxury

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Evening of Luxury

400064 01 portrait.png

400064 02 portrait.png
* This vestige is unlocked after this Wyrmprint is unbound twice.


Not this... Not that... Mmm, none of these are quite right. ...You there! Bring the next dress—and make sure it's fit for a star!

Ugh! This will not do! Take it away! *sigh* I suppose I'll just have to rely on my own superior fashion sense. Now then, what should I try on next?

Lavish decorations... Brilliantly-dressed guests... Admiring gazes coming my way... This is how parties were MEANT to be. All that time spent on my dress paid off; now it's time to enjoy the occasion!

There's definitely something to be said for being TOO polite. No matter what I wear, all I get are words of inoffensive praise. ...He was like that, too.

But when I become the star of this country— when I am queen—all will be different. Now, behold, everyone! Behold the beauty of Chelle—your future queen!

14 - 88
5 - 32
Base Min Might
Minimum HP + Minimum Str + Lv. 1 Ability Might79
Base Max Might
Does not include external buffs (e.g. Halidom, Dragons, etc.)

Max HP + Max Str + Total Max Lv. Ability Might
Icon Rarity Row 5.png
Icon Union 03.png Sword's BoonSword's Boon
No. RequiredBonus
4 Strength +8%
Cost to Buy
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x4,000
Duplicate ValueWhat will be received instead if a duplicate is obtained (through drops, event rewards, etc)
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x3,000
Japanese Name
Featured Characters
Release Date
September 27, 2018


Wyrmprint ability(ies) upgrade once after being unbound twice and again when fully unbound.

Increases strength by 10% when HP is full. (Max 20%, Might: 60)


Increases strength by 13% when HP is full. (Max 20%, Might: 80)


Increases strength by 15% when HP is full. (Max 20%, Might: 100)