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See: Class Banes, Conditions, Damage Formula, Rare Enemies for a list of enemies sorted by class, affliction resistance, unique break defense and by rare enemies respectively.

Name Element Class
Name Element Class
??????? (Flame) Flame None
??????? (Light) Light None
??????? (Wind) Wind None
???????????? Shadow None
?????????? Water None
???????? None None
Abyssal Phantom Water Undead
Addis Wind Human
Admiral Pincers Water Physian
Akasha Wind Human
Alfonse Light Human
Amber Golem Light Thaumian
Android Blademaster (Flame) Flame Human
Android Blademaster (Light) Light Human
Android Blademaster (Wind) Wind Human
Android Bowmaster (Flame) Flame Human
Android Bowmaster (Light) Light Human
Android Bowmaster (Wind) Wind Human
Android Swordmaster (Flame) Flame Human
Android Swordmaster (Light) Light Human
Android Swordmaster (Wind) Wind Human
Annelie Light Human
Aqua Slime Water Thaumian
Aquatic Cyclops Water Demihuman
Aqueous Prison Water Dragon
Arrow Raptor Wind Physian
Aspidochelone Light Thaumian
Astral High Midgardsormr Wind Dragon
Audric Shadow Human
Ayaha & Otoha Flame Therion
Ayaha Flame Human
Azure Eyefly Water Demon
Azure Greateye Water Demon
Bandit Wind Human
Barbary Flame Demihuman
Bare Bones Shadow Undead
Basilisk Wind Physian
Bearded Bison Light Therion
Big Skeleton Knight Shadow Undead
Black Butterfly Flame Therion
Black Hound Flame Therion
Blazing Ghost Flame Undead
Blood Moon Wind Therion
Blood Skeleton Flame Undead
Bloody Troll Flame Demihuman
Blue Shroom Water Physian
Bone Prison Shadow Dragon
Brainwashed Brunhilda Flame Dragon
Brainwashed Jupiter Light Dragon
Brainwashed Mercury Water Dragon
Brainwashed Midgardsormr Wind Dragon
Brainwashed Zodiark Shadow Dragon
Bright Eyefly Light Demon
Bright Greateye Light Demon
Bronze Fafnir Shadow Dragon
Brunhilda Flame Dragon
Burning Basilisk Flame Physian
Bursting Bubble Water Dragon
Cassandra Shadow Human
Catoblepas Anemos Wind Therion
Catoblepas Fotia Flame Therion
Catoblepas Skia Shadow Therion
Cerulean Ghost Water Undead
Chitose Light Human
Choco Golem Lv1 Wind Thaumian
Choco Golem Lv2 Wind Thaumian
Choco Golem Lv3 Wind Thaumian
Chrom Flame Human
Chronos Light Dragon
Chronos Nyx Light Dragon
Chthonius Shadow Dragon
Ciella Water Human
Coastal Bit Water Thaumian
Coastal Sentinel Water Thaumian
Corrupted Agni Flame Dragon
Corrupted Jeanne d'Arc Light Dragon
Corrupted Nidhogg Shadow Dragon
Corrupted Poseidon Water Dragon
Corrupted Zephyr Wind Dragon
Coursing Raptor Water Physian
Crimson Rat Flame Therion
Curran Shadow Human
Cyclonic Gobmancer Wind Demihuman
Cyclops Wind Demihuman
Dark Eyefly Shadow Demon
Dark Gobmancer Shadow Demihuman
Dark Greateye Shadow Demon
Dazzling Gobmancer Light Demihuman
Devil's Puppet Lv1 Flame Thaumian
Devil's Puppet Lv2 Flame Thaumian
Devil's Puppet Lv3 Flame Thaumian
Dominion Lance Light Dragon
Doomed Bison Shadow Therion
Drawbridge Light Dragon
Dreadking Rathalos None Dragon
Drowned Basilisk Water Physian
Ebisu Shadow Therion
Ebon Chimera Shadow Therion
Elias Light Human
Elite Archer (Shadow) Shadow Human
Elite Axeman (Water) Water Human
Elite Lancer (Light) Light Human
Elite Lancer (Wind) Wind Human
Elite Soldier (Light) Light Human
Elite Swordsman (Flame) Flame Human
Ember Toad Flame Physian
Emma Flame Human
Eolian Phantom Wind Undead
Extra Juicy Poultry Flame Physian
Fafnir Roy III (Flame) Flame Dragon
Fafnir Roy III (Light) Light Dragon
Fafnir Roy III (Shadow) Shadow Dragon
Fafnir Roy III (Water) Water Dragon
Fafnir Roy III (Wind) Wind Dragon
Fatalis None Dragon
Festering Wolf Wind Therion
Festival Goblin Flame Demihuman
Festive Treant Flame Physian
Flame Gobhealer Flame Demihuman
Flame Goblin Flame Demihuman
Flame Gobmancer Flame Demihuman
Flame Manticore Flame Therion
Flare Bones Flame Undead
Flare Gobmancer Flame Demihuman
Flash Orb None None
Fleur Light Human
Floating Spirit Summoning Circle Wind None
Floating Spirit Wind Undead
Forest Ghoul Wind Undead
Forma Chrom None Human
Forma Peony None Human
Forma Tiki None Human
Fortune Relic Light Thaumian
Fritz Light Human
Frost Hermit Water Demihuman
Gala Cleo Shadow Human
Gala Elisanne Water Human
Gala Luca Light Human
Gala Ranzal Wind Human
Gala Sarisse Flame Human
Gargantuan Mushroom Flame Physian
Gate None Human
Ghoul Shadow Undead
Giant Ember Toad Flame Physian
Giant Forest Ghoul Wind Undead
Giant Ghoul Shadow Undead
Giant Lizardman Water Demihuman
Giant Pyre Ghoul Flame Undead
Giant Rouge Lizardman Flame Demihuman
Giant Tawny Lizardman Light Demihuman
Giant Wind Lizardman Wind Demihuman
Gleaming Golem Light Thaumian
Gobhealer Wind Demihuman
Goblin Wind Demihuman
Gobmancer Wind Demihuman
Gold Fafnir Shadow Dragon
Gold Slime Light Thaumian
Golden Snapper Shadow Therion
Golem Wind Thaumian
Grape Slime Shadow Thaumian
Great Basilisk Wind Physian
Great Bearded Bison Light Therion
Great Burning Basilisk Flame Physian
Great Drowned Basilisk Water Physian
Great Flame Goblin Flame Demihuman
Great Goblin Wind Demihuman
Great Lustrous Goblin Light Demihuman
Great Nimble Bison Wind Therion
Great Roving Bison Flame Therion
Great Sea Goblin Water Demihuman
Great Shadow Goblin Shadow Demihuman
Great Sinister Basilisk Shadow Physian
Greedy Manticore Water Therion
Green Eyefly Wind Demon
Green Greateye Wind Demon
Green Shroom Wind Physian
Grim Chief Lv1 Wind Demihuman
Grim Chief Lv2 Wind Demihuman
Grim Chief Lv3 Wind Demihuman
Guardian Bit Shadow Thaumian
Guardian Sentinel Shadow Thaumian
Gust Shroom Wind Physian
Halloween Slime Shadow Thaumian
Hanabusa Light Human
Heavy Infantry (Shadow) Shadow Human
Hefty Arrow Raptor Wind Physian
Hefty Black Hound Flame Therion
Hefty Coursing Raptor Water Physian
Hefty Gleaming Golem Light Thaumian
Hefty Golem Wind Thaumian
Hefty Igneous Golem Flame Thaumian
Hefty Nightmare Golem Shadow Thaumian
Hefty Runic Treant Light Physian
Hefty Sapphire Hound Water Therion
Hefty Shining Raptor Light Physian
Hefty Spark Hound Light Therion
Heinwald Shadow Human
High Brunhilda Flame Dragon
High Jupiter Light Dragon
High Mercury Water Dragon
High Midgardsormr Wind Dragon
High Zodiark Shadow Dragon
House Light Human
Hued Harrier Lv1 Water Physian
Hued Harrier Lv2 Water Physian
Hued Harrier Lv3 Water Physian
Hypnos Wind Physian
Ieyasu Shadow Human
Igneous Golem Flame Thaumian
Imperial Archer (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Archer (Light) Light Human
Imperial Archer None Human
Imperial Archer (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Archer (Water) Water Human
Imperial Archer (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Axeman (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Axeman (Light) Light Human
Imperial Axeman None Human
Imperial Axeman (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Axeman (Water) Water Human
Imperial Axeman (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Commander Shadow Human
Imperial Cutthroat (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Defender (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Defender (Jeanne) Light Human
Imperial Defender (Light) Light Human
Imperial Defender (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Defender (Water) Water Human
Imperial Defender (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Healer (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Healer (Light) Light Human
Imperial Healer (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Healer (Water) Water Human
Imperial Healer (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Lancer (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Lancer (Jeanne) Light Human
Imperial Lancer (Light) Light Human
Imperial Lancer None Human
Imperial Lancer (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Lancer (Water) Water Human
Imperial Lancer (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Mage (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Mage (Jeanne) Light Human
Imperial Mage (Light) Light Human
Imperial Mage None Human
Imperial Mage (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Mage (Water) Water Human
Imperial Mage (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Phantom (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Phantom (Light) Light Human
Imperial Phantom (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Phantom (Water) Water Human
Imperial Phantom (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Soldier (Flame) Flame Human
Imperial Soldier (Jeanne) Light Human
Imperial Soldier (Light) Light Human
Imperial Soldier None Human
Imperial Soldier (Shadow) Shadow Human
Imperial Soldier (Water) Water Human
Imperial Soldier (Wind) Wind Human
Imperial Stalwart Knight Shadow Human
Imperial Swordsman (Wind) Wind Human
Infernal Phantom Flame Undead
Joachim Wind Human
Juicy Poultry Flame Physian
Jumbo Aqua Slime Water Thaumian
Jumbo Blue Shroom Water Physian
Jumbo Crimson Rat Flame Therion
Jumbo Gold Slime Light Thaumian
Jumbo Green Shroom Wind Physian
Jumbo Halloween Slime Shadow Thaumian
Jumbo Magma Slime Flame Thaumian
Jumbo Meadow Rat Wind Therion
Jumbo Poison Slime Shadow Thaumian
Jumbo Purple Shroom Shadow Physian
Jumbo Red Shroom Flame Physian
Jumbo Shock Rat Light Therion
Jumbo Silver Slime Light Thaumian
Jumbo Slime Wind Thaumian
Jumbo Snow Slime Flame Thaumian
Jumbo Spark Slime Light Thaumian
Jumbo Vile Rat Shadow Therion
Jumbo Wererat Shadow Therion
Jumbo Yellow Shroom Light Physian
Jupiter Light Dragon
Kadomatsu Light Thaumian
Kai Yan Light Human
King Archeole Flame Demihuman
Kirsty Wind Human
Ku Hai Wind Human
Lambent Ghost Light Undead
Laranoa Water Human
Large Bubble Water Dragon
Lathna Shadow Human
Laxi Flame Human
Lea Flame Human
Leif Light Human
Light Fragment Light Thaumian
Light Manticore Light Therion
Lin You Wind Human
Lizardman Water Demihuman
Louise Wind Human
Lowen Wind Human
Lucretia Light Human
Luminous Chimera Light Therion
Lustrous Gobhealer Light Demihuman
Lustrous Goblin Light Demihuman
Lustrous Gobmancer Light Demihuman
Luther Water Human
Magma Lump Flame Dragon
Magma Slime Flame Thaumian
Magma Spot Flame Thaumian
Manticore Shadow Therion
Marine Gobmancer Water Demihuman
Mars Flame Dragon
Marth Flame Human
Masked Goblin Flame Demihuman
Meadow Rat Wind Therion
Mega Man None None
Mei Hou Wang Shadow Demihuman
Mercury Water Dragon
Metall Wind Thaumian
Midgardsormr Wind Dragon
Mitsuba Water Human
Mitsuhide Light Human
Morsayati None Demon
Natalie Shadow Human
Naveed Flame Human
Nightmare Golem Shadow Thaumian
Nimble Bison Wind Therion
Noelle Wind Human
Obsidian Golem Shadow Thaumian
Octopus Bomb Flame None
Orsem Water Human
Otherworld Ramiel Light Dragon
Otoha Flame Human
Palm Treant Shadow Physian
Peony Light Human
Phobos Cutthroat (Flame) Flame Human
Phobos Lancer (Flame) Flame Human
Phobos Mage (Flame) Flame Human
Phraeganoth Flame Thaumian
Pipple Water Human
Platoon Leader Flame Human
Poison Slime Shadow Thaumian
Pot o' Miracles Light Thaumian
Proud Manticore Light Therion
Pumpking Shadow Demihuman
Purple Shroom Shadow Physian
Pyre Ghoul Flame Undead
Qitian Dasheng Wind Demihuman
Radiant Bit Light Thaumian
Radiant Sentinel Light Thaumian
Raemond Light Human
Raging Manticore Shadow Therion
Rainbow Cap Lv1 Light Physian
Rainbow Cap Lv2 Light Physian
Rainbow Cap Lv3 Light Physian
Ramona Flame Human
Ranzal Wind Human
Rathalos None Dragon
Red Shroom Flame Physian
Reinforcements' Commander Wind Human
Rena Flame Human
Renee Water Human
Resident None Human
Rouge Lizardman Flame Demihuman
Roving Bison Flame Therion
Sabnock Shadow Demon
Sands of Death Shadow Undead
Sapphire Hound Water Therion
Sazanka Shadow Human
Scalding Shroom Flame Physian
Scarlet Eyefly Flame Demon
Scarlet Greateye Flame Demon
Scylla Water Demihuman
Sea Gobhealer Water Demihuman
Sea Goblin Water Demihuman
Sea Gobmancer Water Demihuman
Shadow Gobhealer Shadow Demihuman
Shadow Goblin Shadow Demihuman
Shadow Gobmancer Shadow Demihuman
Shadow Knight Shadow Human
Shadow Lizardman Shadow Demihuman
Shadow Mana Fount Shadow Undead
Shadow Mana None None
Shining Cyclops Light Demihuman
Shining Raptor Light Physian
Shiny Troll Light Demihuman
Shishimai Light Thaumian
Shock Rat Light Therion
Silver Fafnir Shadow Dragon
Silver Slime Light Thaumian
Sinister Basilisk Shadow Physian
Skeleton Knight Shadow Undead
Slime Wind Thaumian
Small Bubble Water Dragon
Smoldering Manticore Flame Therion
Snow Slime Flame Thaumian
Soul Cage Wind Undead
Spark Hound Light Therion
Spark Slime Light Thaumian
Spectral Flame Shadow Dragon
Sphere of Salvation Water Dragon
Steel Golem Flame Thaumian
Storm Bit Wind Thaumian
Storm Sentinel Wind Thaumian
Sturdy Bloody Troll Flame Demihuman
Sturdy Shiny Troll Light Demihuman
Su Fang Wind Human
Sunrise Snapper Shadow Therion
Supreme Sphere Light Therion
Sylas Wind Human
Taiyaki Shadow Therion
Tartarus Shadow Human
Tawny Lizardman Light Demihuman
Tempest Chimera Wind Therion
Thanatos Shadow Undead
Thick Beef Flame Therion
Thick Wagyu Flame Therion
Thor Light Dragon
Tidal Chimera Water Therion
Tiki Water Dragon
Toxic Toad Shadow Physian
Treasure Slime Light Thaumian
Troll King Wind Demihuman
Troll Smith Wind Demihuman
Troll Wind Demihuman
Tropical Slime Flame Thaumian
Twilight Hermit Shadow Demihuman
Twilight Warlock Lv1 Shadow Demihuman
Twilight Warlock Lv2 Shadow Demihuman
Twilight Warlock Lv3 Shadow Demihuman
Unbreakable Satellite Light Therion
Underdog's Mine Wind Therion
Unusual Mushroom Flame Physian
Valentine's Slime Wind Thaumian
Valerio Water Human
Valfarre Water Therion
Valyx Light Human
Verica Flame Human
Veronica Shadow Human
Victor Wind Human
Vile Rat Shadow Therion
Vile Troll Shadow Demihuman
Violet Ghost Shadow Undead
Vixel Light Human
Void Agni Flame Dragon
Void Jeanne d'Arc Light Dragon
Void Nidhogg Shadow Dragon
Void Poseidon Water Dragon
Void Zephyr Wind Dragon
Volcanic Chimera Flame Therion
Volcanic Cyclops Flame Demihuman
Volk Wind Human
Waike Water Human
Wandering Shroom Light Physian
Water Manticore Water Therion
Water Rat Water Therion
Water Troll King Water Demihuman
Water Troll Water Demihuman
Wererat Shadow Therion
Whirlpool Water Dragon
White Butterfly Flame Therion
Wily Machine 2 None Thaumian
Wind Lizardman Wind Demihuman
Wind Mana Fount Wind Physian
Wind Manticore Wind Therion
Winter Bison Flame Therion
Xander Water Human
Xuan Zang Light Human
Yaten Shadow Human
Yellow Shroom Light Physian
Zodiark Shadow Dragon