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Chapter 2 / 5-3
Icon Episode Title Summon.pngDragalia Lost


Midgardsormr tells Euden of "dragalia," the bond of trust between dragons and men which is embodied in pactstones. He also speaks of the first Primal Pactstone, which was lost in battle three centuries ago.


As the company flees...

210001 01.png That was the Waterwyrm. Am I fated to come to blows with an old comrade?

100001 01 r04.png I know the two of you both had pacts with King Alberius, but were you friends?

210001 01.png Friends? Hmm. We shared an ideal, once. But how the world has changed... Friends and families take up arms against one another, and that which was laid to rest rises anew. Ever since dragalia was lost, the principles holding this world together have been coming apart at the seams.

100001 01 r04.png "Dragalia"? What is that?

210001 01.png Do you seek a lesson, my prince? Very well. Let us dust off the chronicles of history together...

100001 01 r04.png So my family's power of dragonblood arose from peace. From...the light. Does the Ilian Church still have the Primal Pactstone?

210001 01.png No. The stone was lost around three hundred years ago. It was shattered during a terrible conflict. This was not indicative of a rift between us. Man and dragon alike chose to shatter it to avert catastrophe. However, years later, the consequences could be felt. The loss of dragalia slowly changed the world. And now here we are, 300 years later. Dragons and dragonblood fighting amongst ourselves as if we never learned a thing. Yet what appears to be an ordinary war actually reflects a much deeper problem. It is but another sign of imbalance in a world that has lost its symbol of amity.

100001 01 r04.png Well, I know we may have broken our oath of peace... But our bond of trust remains. How else could we have forged a pact? And if that's the case, it means we can still restore dragalia.

210001 01.png Indeed. Though the Primal Pactstone was shattered, dragalia did not vanish entirely. Some if its light yet remains. And that light will be the dawn that puts an end to this long night. It may take months, years, or centuries, but balance CAN be restored. All we can do is continue to place our trust in each other until a new pactstone is formed.

100001 01 r04.png Centuries? Er...that's a long time.

210001 01.png With more men like you, perhaps the wait will not be so long. We are all being tested. Can we survive this sundering of our bond and emerge stronger and closer than ever?

100001 01 r04.png ......

Imperial Soldier: Oi! Find those rebels already!

100001 01 r04.png ...Enough talk, Midgardsormr. They're gaining on us. But I accept this test. I will bring men, dragons, and the world back together, no matter what it takes.