Crystalian Envoy

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Crystalian Envoy

400076 01 portrait.png

400076 02 portrait.png
* This vestige is unlocked after this Wyrmprint is unbound twice.


Agh! Nasty fiend alert! But you know what nasty fiends get, right? Ice magic! BOOOOM! ...Hee hee! Direct hit!

Wait, huh?! I can't use magic anymore? H-hold on, I'll get this sorted out. Just give me a minute!

Here I go! Taaaake this! ...I did it! Victory! I got rid of all the nasty fiends! We win!

Hey, I'm getting good at this, aren't I? I practiced super hard so I could help everyone out! I don't wanna be a burden!

Fighting fiends is scary, but I'm doing it to keep everyone safe. And I promise to keep working really hard, so let's keep this adventure going forever, okay?

27 - 183
8 - 57
Base Min Might
Minimum HP + Minimum Str + Lv. 1 Ability Might135
Base Max Might
Does not include external buffs (e.g. Halidom, Dragons, etc.)

Max HP + Max Str + Total Max Lv. Ability Might
Icon Rarity Row 5.png
Sell Value
5,000 Icon Resource Rupies.png+ 3,000 Icon Resource Eldwater.png
Japanese Name
Featured Characters
Obtained From
Release Date
October 04, 2018


Wyrmprint ability(ies) upgrade once after being unbound twice and again when fully unbound.

Icon Ability 1020002.png
HP 70 = Strength

Increases strength by 8% when HP is 70% or above. (Max 20%, Might: 60)

Increases strength by 10% when HP is 70% or above. (Max 20%, Might: 80)

Increases strength by 13% when HP is 70% or above. (Max 20%, Might: 100)

Icon Ability 1080001.png
Flame Res

Reduces flame damage taken by 5%. (Max 15%, Might: 40)

Reduces flame damage taken by 8%. (Max 15%, Might: 60)

Reduces flame damage taken by 10%. (Max 15%, Might: 80)