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Cinder Drake/Stories

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When Entering Dragon's Roost
Ah! Euden!
Ooo, what do you think we're having for dinner?!
What do you wanna play today?

After Receiving a Gift
This is my treasure, but you can have it.
Hee hee! Aw, what a nice gift. Here, you can have this from me!

After Bond Level Increase
Hee hee! You're really nice!
I just wanna lay around and goof off with you forever. That's cool, right?

Idle After Bond Level 1
I like naps way more than fighting.
I love this place. The food's yummy, AND I have tons of friends!
It's super impressive how you can wake up before noon.

Idle After Bond Level 10
I'm one of those sleep-hard, eat-hard kinda dragons.
The more food you eat, the less you have left. It's super sad.
Ooh! Euden! Let's see who can eat more! Reeeeeeady? GO!

Idle After Bond Level 20
I need you to come lay in the sun with me, Euden.
You're always so busy. You should take it easy sometimes!
Getting good rest is part of your job, you know?

Dragon Story Episodes
The Curious Dragon

Once upon a time, a young dragon

arrived in a village in the mountains.

The people were filled with joy that

such a sacred creature had come,

and strove to make it welcome.

The young dragon enjoyed many a

feast, and played happily with the

village children. It seemed to be

enjoying itself greatly, which filled

the villagers with relief.

A month later, they heard a dragon's

cry coming from the other side of the

mountain. It was the young dragon's

mother, worried for her child; the

time had come to return home.

Surrounded by waving villagers who

were holding back tears, the dragon

flapped its wings...and didn't move

an inch. For it had eaten much,

and was now too fat to fly.

The villagers were horrified, for this

had never been their intention.

And if his mother found her child in

such a state, her anger might be

very great indeed...

They knew the dragon needed to fly

again, and fast. They had to make

him slimmer, no matter what.

But alas, belly fat is not easy to lose,

and as he dieted, his mother kept

calling for him. The sound caused

livestock to wane and children to cry,

but the little dragon kept having fun.

With the mother dragon's cries

echoing in their ears, the villagers

tried all they could to make the

young dragon lose weight.

One day, a wandering sage came to

the village, and the weary villagers

immediately sought out his advice.

"Ho ho!" cried the sage. "I think I

know JUST the thing!"

"That little dragon can breathe fire.

You must construct a cloth bag and

put it on the dragon's back, but leave

an opening so he can breathe fire

into it."

"With fire inside, the bag will inflate

and take him up, up, up into the sky!

And once he's airborne, he can use

his wings to guide him anywhere he


Though the villagers knew not the

word, the sage had taught them to

make a hot-air balloon. They got to

work straightaway, and before long

the little balloon was complete.

When the young dragon blew into it,

the bag lifted him straight into the

sky. The villagers heaved mighty

sighs of relief knowing that the

mother dragon would be satisfied.

The young dragon loved his new toy.

It flew over here! It flew over there!

It was so much fun, the dragon forgot

all about going home and instead

soared off into the great unknown.

In the end, the villagers had to

endure the mother dragon's cries

for two more sleepless months.