Chalice Raiders

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Chalice Raiders


110258 01 r03.pngPietro: At long last, I've found a clue to locating the fabled frozen city: the location of the legendary Icebound Chalice!

Adventurer in Search of the Frozen City

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: If I can find the chalice, I'll be able to prove the existence of the frozen city! ...Er, most likely. I think.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Do I smell the sweet scent of a treasure hunt? You absolutely HAVE TO let me into the mix on this little adventure!

Ultimate Treasure Hunter (His Words)

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Where there is treasure, there is Marty. I never let a chance for a prize slip away, because treasure makes folks happy!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Right! So. Now that THAT'S established, where is this treasure of yours?

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: If the cipher in Agatto's memoir is true, it's deep within Yuchen Cave.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Wait, Agatto's memoir? As in a document penned by the legendary master of tricks and traps? The baron of bamboozlement? The dean of deception? THAT Agatto?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Also Yuchen Cave is a marvel of mysteries rumored to be filled to the brim with hidden treasures. How delightful!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Yes, and it's ALSO said to be overflowing with tricks and traps of all stripes.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Danger is all part of the hunt—and as the greatest and best in my field, there's one thing I know well:

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: A dead man can't enjoy his treasure! So I'm coming with you, but we'll be sure to run if things get too spicy.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: In that case, the Icebound Chalice is yours once we find it.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Are you sure?

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: I only need it for the clue it contains about the frozen city. After that, you should go ahead and display it in your museum.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Everyone loves the place, after all, so let's give them something new and exciting to look at.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: You're too kind. And now, let's head out and secure that chalice...FOR ADVENTURE!

South Grastaean Frontier
Yuchen Cave

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: The chalice should be somewhere in this cave. I wonder what secrets it holds...?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: I imagine it will have some kind of code or cipher on it. Or maybe you'll see a map if you hold it up to the light!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: If that's the case, I'll have to adjust how I display it in the museum. ...Oh, and I'll need you to write up a little something for the description, too.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Like, "I TOLD you the frozen city is real"? No problem. Now let's go!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Er, but that being said, this cave looks to be VERY confusing! We'd better mark our way with chalk or breadcrumbs or... Wait, not breadcrumbs. Birds'll eat 'em.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Shh! Did you just hear something?

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: What kind of something? A scary something?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Liiiike the sound of a rolling boulder?

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Oh, come on! There's no WAY something as cliché as a rolling boulder would ever—

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: AAAAAAAAAAGH!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: IT'S A HUGE ROLLING BOULDER! LIKE, FOR REAL!

Pietro & Marty: RUUUUUUUUN!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: *pant* *pant* Well, THAT was terrible. Guess those stories of tricks and traps weren't made up after all.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: This place might be more dangerous than we thought. Maybe we ought to consider how nice it is to be alive and leave.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: That's a nice thought, but I'm not entirely sure we have that option.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: The air inside the cave and the varieties of plants that grow here have changed, which means we ended up deeper inside while we were busy running away.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: And I forgot to mark our path! ...You know, with the boulder and the panicking and all. But now we'll never find our way out!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Also, even if we DO head back the way we came, there's still the boulder to deal with. Our best bet is probably to head deeper.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Hey, good idea! The memoir said something about an exit being right next to the chalice, so that'll be real convenient.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Well, that's one piece of good news. And here's a second: the TRAPS!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Beeee...caaaaause...having traps here means there's something worth guarding?!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Bingo! Meaning all we have to do now is get our hands on said well-guarded treasure, which is gonna be easy-peas—

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Say, Marty? If you don't mind me picking your brain for a quick sec, what was that sound just now?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Why, it was the sound of a trap-activation switch! ...Oh, right. GET DOOOOOOWN!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: And here we have yet another cliché. Looks like our only option is to charge boldly through these arrows.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Well, I got us into this mess, so I'm gonna get us out of it...

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Indomitable Will!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: We're protected from the arrows for a short time! Go, go, gooooo!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: All right, we cleared the arrows. Now we're safe as... Wait, water?!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: A river trap? In a cave? Diabolical! We've got to think of a way to get across...

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Huh?

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Oh no. Another giant boulder! Ruuuuun!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: A swiftly moving stream in front of us, and a deadly boulder rolling behind us. Looks like this is the end for... Oh!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: I've got an idea, Pietro! Here! Take my hand and DON'T let go!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: As the world's greatest treasure hunter, I WILL get us out of this predicament. Instead of letting the boulder pancake us, we'll use it to make our escape!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: If we can manage to get on top of it and then use it to get over the stream of water, we'll be home free! ...Relatively.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Is that even possible?!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: If you use the barrier you showed me earlier and combine it with my own, we should juuust be able to offset the boulder's force and clamber on top of it.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Here we go! Safeguard Surge!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: R-right! Indomitable Will!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: AAAUUUGH!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Yes! We're alive! Now...big jump!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: *pant* *pant* Did we...make it across?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Yes—and even better, we're not in danger from the boulder anymore! It was an eleventh-hour idea, but I guess that's just how you and me roll, Pietro.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Who knew an adventurer and a treasure hunter would be so compatible?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Yeah, we're peanut butter and jam all... Pietro, look over there! A treasure chest!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: !

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Oh man, it's pretty beat up. Should we open it?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Of course we should!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: At last, I'm going to have a clue to finding the frozen city...

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Wait, what? This is...

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: It's a chalice all right—but it's rusty. Er, and not frozen, either.

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Looks like it would be a nice little item if you polished it up, but certainly not something I'd call "icebound."

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: So I'm not going to tell you not to feel down about this, but...

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Down? Heck no! This just means we'll have to go on ANOTHER adventure!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Wow. You're very quick to move on.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Well, I'm pretty used to not finding clues. Plus, if it means I get to go on adventures with you, this could happen a hundred times and I still wouldn't be upset!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: With me?!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: Yeah! I mean, you're used to adventuring and super reliable—but most importantly, this little trip was REALLY fun!

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: It was like the adventures I dreamed about during my sickly childhood...

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: That's why I want us to go on more adventures together! Er, If you don't mind, that is. Sooo...what do you think?

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Are you kidding? I'll never turn down a request from a fellow adventure buff!

110261 01 r03.pngMarty: Then let's shake on it.

110258 01 r03.pngPietro: To further adventures!

Marty & Pietro: Adventures, ahooooy!