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The following page is a list of calculators available.

Description Link Author
Adventurer, Dragon, Wyrmprint, Weapon Level HP / Str These are available on each individual page.

If the calculator does not load, refresh the page.

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Summon Showcase Calculator /u/Prooof


Stats Calculator /u/Junlico/
Facility Calculator /u/Junlico/
Facility Calculator (all facilities, including events) /u/AscendingPhoenix


Weapon Materials Calculator @jtbib#6010

previously by yujinred

Altar Upgrade Material Calculator User:FabulousCupcake
Dojo Upgrade Material Calculator User:FabulousCupcake
DPS Calculator User:B1ueb1ues


Healing Calculator

Or available directly in the Healing Formula page.

Healing Calculator /u/batterkat123/
Stats Calculator User:Puckwang
Dracolith and High Dragon Orbs Calculator /u/koromagic/
Dragalia Collection Checklist (includes adjustable Void Battle Schedule) /u/RedWhiteStripes/