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The following page is a list of calculators available.

Description Link Author
Adventurer, Dragon, Wyrmprint, Weapon Level HP / Str These are available on each individual page.

If the calculator does not load, refresh the page.

Aggressive adblocks may also block the calculator's Javascript from functioning.

Summon Showcase Calculator /u/Prooof


Stats Calculator /u/Junlico/
Facility Calculator /u/Junlico/
Stats Calculator (Linked with Facility Calculator)

Linked with bonuses from the facility calculator



Facility Calculator (all facilities, including events)

Optionally apply bonuses from here to the character builder



Weapon Materials Calculator

Missing weapons from HDT era and beynod


previously by yujinred

Altar Upgrade Material Calculator User:FabulousCupcake
Dojo Upgrade Material Calculator User:FabulousCupcake
DPS Calculator User:B1ueb1ues


DPS Calculator

Fork of b1ueb1ues' DPS Calculator User:Chu2038


Healing Calculator

Or available directly in the Healing Formula page.

Healing Calculator /u/batterkat123/
Dracolith and High Dragon Orbs Calculator

File may be deleted soon (warning is displayed)

Collection Tracker & Quick Reference Guide /u/RedWhiteStripes/