Beautiful Gunman

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Beautiful Gunman

400460 01 portrait.png

400460 02 portrait.png
* This vestige is unlocked after this Wyrmprint is unbound twice.


There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who live for shallow vanity, and those of fortitude who stick to their aesthetics no matter what. If you wish to know which I am, you would do well to ask my manacaster.

When I am challenged to a duel, I always accept. No matter who the other party is— and no matter if they're good or evil. What's important is that they have an unwavering belief. That's all.

Even if a lovely moon hangs in the sky, I never refuse a challenge. Is it my aesthetic? No, it's simply pride. The shallow vanity in my heart won't permit me to run from an opponent, no matter the setting.

A number of people are after my life; some would attack me in my sleep, while others seek to outnumber and surround me. But I'm far too stubborn to yield to those kinds of low-down, dirty sneaks.

You call my ongoing stubbornness, my unshakable faith, an aesthetic? ...Nah. I just want to be cool, is all.

11 - 70
4 - 26
Base Min Might
Minimum HP + Minimum Str + Lv. 1 Ability Might55
Base Max Might
Does not include external buffs (e.g. Halidom, Dragons, etc.)

Max HP + Max Str + Total Max Lv. Ability Might
Icon Rarity Row 4.png
Icon Union 03.png Sword's BoonSword's Boon
No. RequiredBonus
4 Strength +8%
Cost to Buy
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x2,000
Duplicate ValueWhat will be received instead if a duplicate is obtained (through drops, event rewards, etc)
Icon Resource Eldwater.png x1,000
Japanese Name
Chinese Name
优雅铳士 / 美麗的銃士
Featured Characters
Obtained From
Release Date
November 13, 2020


Wyrmprint ability(ies) upgrade once after being unbound twice and again when fully unbound.

If the user wields a Manacaster: adds 10% to the modifier applied to critical damage. (Max 25%, Might: 40)


If the user wields a Manacaster: adds 15% to the modifier applied to critical damage. (Max 25%, Might: 60)


If the user wields a Manacaster: adds 17% to the modifier applied to critical damage. (Max 25%, Might: 80)