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110049 01 r03.pngEdward: I've enlisted young master Hope to assist with today's session, Ricardt.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Heya.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Er, yes! Th-thank you for coming...

110038 01 r03.pngHope: No worries. Umm...but why am I here?

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: To offer your advice to Ricardt in his efforts to change and grow as a person.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Ooo-kay? What sort of advice do you want?

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: E-er, I... I don't precisely... Um...

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: As you can see, he is barely able to form words while making eye contact. They refer to cowards as chickenhearts, yet I suspect a hatchling fresh from the egg has more nerve than this one.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: This guy doesn't mince words, eh, buddy?

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: *whimper*

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Self-confidence and affirmation should be the order of the day. And so I turned to you: a man with the gall to aspire to knighthood while still wholly incompetent as a priest.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Yeah, that's me all rig—HEY!

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: S-sorry! Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Not really seeing how that's your fault, but...thanks, I guess? Anyway, I'm not sure what I can offer, advice-wise. I just set my sights on the knighthood because it's what I want to do. So why don't you just do what you want?

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: B-but what if... Well, what if that makes trouble for someone else?

110038 01 r03.pngHope: I guess I DO fight with my folks about it, but end of the day, it's my life—not theirs. Gotta live for you, am I right?

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Excellent! Do you understand, Ricardt? Such backbone is just what you're missing.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Y-yes, sir... I'll try to be more like him.

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Well! This has been most productive.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Yeah, I feel kinda ticklish about being a role model for somebody.

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Just think what doors a little backbone will open for you. Or windows! Such as those of a church, when you smash them open and loot the treasures withi—

110038 01 r03.pngHope: WHAT?! What kind of example is that?!

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Gosh... You really think I could break into a church, Edward?

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Hold up! Don't take this maniac seriously!

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Fear not, Ricardt. I know you have it in you to smash every last window to pieces, be they stained-glass or otherwise.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: I think... No, I KNOW I can smash those windows! Thank you, both of you!


110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Just remember that one must always learn proper protocol. The texts I've read suggest the ideal choice for a church window is a length of lead pipe, rather than a plank or hammer.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Can we take a lead pipe to the nutcase writing books about breaking into churches?

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Mind you, pipes of sufficiently sturdy build can be difficult to acquire.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: (Whew...)

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Which is why I procured one for you.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE?! I'm officially worried now. I mean, who just HAPPENS to have a window- bustin' lead pipe lying around?

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: A man must always be prepared.

110038 01 r03.pngHope: No one should be prepared for anything that requires a lead pipe!

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Here you are, Ricardt. Now go forth and smash your meek little heart out!

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: R-right! Thank you, Edward. Smashy smashy...

110038 01 r03.pngHope: This is insane...

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Um...

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Is something amiss, young master?

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: W-well, it's just... If I use this to smash the church windows, won't that make trouble for Hope?

110038 01 r03.pngHope: Yes! That! EXACTLY that!

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: "Gotta live for you, am I right?" ...I believe those were your words, Hope?

110038 01 r03.pngHope: I take it back! I take it baaack!

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: ...I'm sorry, Edward. But I don't think I can do this. I feel like there are other things I should be working on know. Smashing church windows. I don't feel it's right to make trouble for Hope until I've finished doing all those other things.

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: Ah. A praiseworthy realization, Ricardt. What you truly need is the resolve to change through your own efforts.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Right... Right!

110049 01 r03.pngEdward: I shall leave that pipe in your care until the day you're ready to smash those windows of your own will.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Thank you, Edward!

110038 01 r03.pngHope: I love a happy ending... Which is why I hate everything about this! What is HAPPENING in this castle?!