All Exploding to Plan

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All Exploding to Plan


110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: *cough* Urgh... Another flop? I was sure I was going to open a wormhole that time.


110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Were my calculations off? Maybe I should re-evaluate the experimental procedures...?

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Honestly, Sinoa, is there NOTHING you can do to avoid those explosions?

Xiao Lei

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Every time you blow something up it sends tremors through the castle—and more importantly, my abacus!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: I'm sorry about that, truly I am. But I'm on the verge of a breakthrough! Please, allow me one more test!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Space-time physics magic is indisputably sound. ...At least, on a theoretical level. Anyway, I just know my next attempt will be successful!

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Something tells me you've been saying that about the last fifty attempts...

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Actually, would you mind if I took a look at your research thus far?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Sure, it's right here. It's pretty complex stuff, though, so I doubt you'll be able to parse it at a glance.

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Hmm... Yes, I'm afraid you're right. These pages are teeming with symbols and diagrams unlike any I've ever seen.

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: The equations are no trouble, mind. For example, this one here... Wait, you've made a miscalculation!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Say WHAT?! There's no way I... Well, look at that. Guess that's what I get for skipping sleep before writing that part! Heh heh...

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: It's not just there. You have made minute errors all over the place!

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: And the calculations are complete! THIS is the correct answer.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Jeez, you're a real whiz with that thing! Thanks for the assist. Now that all the numbers check out, I'm sure my next attempt will bear wormhole-shaped fruit!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: I just need to adjust the control valve to obtain the correct mana density based on your calculations, and...

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: So that's your aim, is it? To open a wormhole?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Nothing less! I'm on the verge of history— and you're about to have a front-row seat.

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: If you succeed, we'll be the first to witness an as-yet unseen phenomena...

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Pretty exciting, huh? Well, let's get to it! Activating the space-time distortion apparatus!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Internal mana density has reached target value! If I can just maintain this—

Sinoa & Xiao Lei: Eyaaagh!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: *cough* *cough* Not again... Where did I go wrong...?

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: It would seem the issue runs deeper than a few mistaken calculations. We must revisit everything: the theory, the procedures, all of it!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Um, sorry. Did you just say "we"?

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: I can't very well return to my ledgers knowing your explosions will only continue to undo my work, can I?

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Gaps in theory, errors in calculations, flaws in the apparatus; no deviation shall escape my discerning eyes.

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: I promise you this: with my capacity for analytical thinking, this experiment WILL be a success!

A few days later...

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: It's... It's perfect! Every aspect, from beginning to end!

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Heh. But of course.

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: By combining your theoretical framework with my unparalleled calculatory ability, the probability of success is now 100%!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: A bold claim. Let's see how it holds up! Activating the space-time distortion apparatus!

Sinoa & Xiao Lei: WHYYYYY?!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: We double-checked everything...

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: The theory, the calculations, the apparatus... Everything was perfect!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Eeek! What's going on?! ...Oh, it's one of Sinoa's experiments.


110027 01 r03.pngMelody: This place sure is a mess. Good thing I'm here to clean up!

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: (Oh no, not her... She's chaos personified!)

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: (This experiment has absolutely zero margin for error, and there's certainly no room for a random variable like her!)

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Th-thanks, Melody, but we'll clean up right after—

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: First I'll start with tidying up the floor and— Uwagh!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Er, guys? Why's this thing making so much noise all of a sudden?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Agh! You activated the apparatus!

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: It will explode if we don't shut it down! Hurry!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Leave it to me! ...But also please tell me how!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: See that lever right in front of you? PULL IT RIGHT NOW!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Okay! This one?

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: Not THAT lever, the one right next to it! The activation lever!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Umm... This one?!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Agh, no! That controls the magical fluid volume!

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: It's going out of control!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Does that mean it's gonna explode?!

Everyone: ......

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: ...Did I miss the "boom"?

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: There WAS no boom! No wormhole either, for that matter, but not exploding is a huge step forward!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: The only question is, how do we recreate it? Maybe if we let Melody fiddle with the controls again...

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: No! You cannot rely on chance alone!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: I hear you, Xiao Lei, but we've already tried everything you and I can think of.

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: And since we still came up short, I think we have to take a risk on chance.

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: I see... You mean to tap into the realm of possibility created by Melody's random actions, then?

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: I suppose it has been said that at a certain point all one can do is let nature take its course. So... We shall wager our fortunes on Melody!

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Wh-WHA?! Seriously?!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: Oh, I'm nothing BUT serious when it comes to my experiments. Will you help us, Melody?

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: Of course! I mean, I don't really know what's gonna happen, but... Hyah!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: *gasp* I'm reading unprecedented levels of mana! This might just be enough to open a wormhole!

Everyone: Eyaaaaagh!

110009 01 r04.pngSinoa: W-we thoughtlessly increased the volume of mana, which naturally increased the explosive power...

110027 01 r03.pngMelody: I-I didn't miss the boom that time...

110316 01 r03.pngXiao Lei: I can't hinge an experiment on chance, after all...