A Kingdom in Disarray

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Campaign: New Bonds
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Chapter 16 / 1-1
Icon Episode Title Summon.pngA Kingdom in Disarray
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The scene: An Alberian city. As people lament the turmoil in their kingdom, they hear rumors from a former Dyrenell soldier that the seventh scion has been possessed by the Other. Amidst a backdrop of distrust towards the royal family, rumors race like wildfire across the land.


Bandit: Keep yer eyes peeled, boys! They might have coin stashed away!

Noble: Please, you already took so much! Any more will ruin me!

Bandit: Ain't my problem, boyo. If ya wanna hate someone, look to this kingdom what won't provide work or bread for the masses.

Villager 1: It's a m-monster!

Villager 2: Water's flooding in! Everybody run!

Villager 1: The paddies and fields... My home... It's all been washed away.

Villager 2: How are we to live now?

Dragalia Lost Chapter 16
New Bonds

A Small Roadside Town

Villager 3: Thieves again, I hear. A bunch of shops and storehouses got hit. How many cases is that this month?

Villager 4: I hear there was a town destroyed nearly overnight by some kind of ghastly fiend. These times are frightful ones indeed.

Villager 5: Everything's been a complete mess since we became the damn Dyrenell Empire. What are the guards even DOING?!

Villager 4: Passing strange, if you think about it. King Aurelius bringing back the very empire that revered the Other?

Villager 3: Yeah. And Prince Leonidas and Princess Chelle are still shut away in their own cities, not saying a thing...

Villager 3: Also, I hear Prince Phares has gone missing. Just what is going on?

Villager 4: And what happened to the seventh scion? Didn't he sneak into the capital so he could challenge Zethia to some kind of decisive showdown?

Villager 3: Yeah, that IS strange! You'd think the winner would be strutting about and crowing over their great victory.

Villager 5: Hmph. The whole thing's just a sibling quarrel to them. They don't care what effect it has on us.

Unknown.png???: If you seek news on the seventh scion, then I am your man.

Villager 3: Huh? Who're you?

Unknown.png???: A former soldier of Dyrenell.

Villager 5: Ha! You've got some nerve to show your face in here when your people are the reason our lives have been so hard!

Villager 4: Save your bellyachin' for the people in charge, not the grunts. Or EX-grunt, in this fellow's case.

Former Dyrenell Soldier: I, too, am a victim of the royal family. My unit was suddenly disbanded and left to fend for ourselves without coin or provisions.

Villager 5: Sounds like you've had it hard as the rest. Now what's this news about the prince?

Former Dyrenell Soldier: Right. I heard this from my former superior officer. You see, the prince...

Villager 5: ...Blimey! What's that supposed to mean?!

Unknown.png???: They say he returned to this world.

Unknown.png???: Well, I suppose the story DOES add up. So the Other came back...

Unknown.png???: And not only was King Aurelius possessed by the Other, but so was Princess Zethia...

Unknown.png???: So that's why the kind Auspex suddenly became the cruel Empress...

Unknown.png???: It must be because of the Other's power that we've had so many fiends showing up lately. Frightful stuff, that!

Unknown.png???: And now it's Prince Euden who's been... No wonder they don't want to tell us anything.

Unknown.png???: I'll tell ya what it means: The Other and the dragonblood royals are all monsters of the same ilk!

Unknown.png???: ...Hey, keep this a secret, yeah? Mum's the word!

Unknown.png???: Ooo! Tell me!

Unknown.png???: Well, I have it on very good authority that the Seventh Scion...

Unknown.png???: ...has been possessed by the Other.